R a r e H e a d D r o p s ?!



~digitized death
~a bullet in her bonnet
~metal blood
~lovely corpse

~beyond the pale
~candy cane
~muddy and bloody


~hell of an underbite
~i cant breathe in this
~hear your blood
~look in my eye dammit

What i can trade for them:

~legendaries (guns, mods, grenades, etc)
~seraphs (guns, shields relics, grenades)
~OP8 gear and guns

I also can offer help in leveling your character up to 72 and OP levels as well.

No, i don’t want help to farm to get these. I’ve farmed for hours. Also, please don’t ask for me to power level you if you don’t have these helmets >.<

xbox gt: xxbethsanityxx

if i don’t reply on here please send a message there !!!