R/F My Krieg Build

Hey everyone,

I was wondering if you could help me with my Krieg build. I plan on taking him to OP10 and trying to solo all the raids.

This is what I have so far: The Build

I’m trying to find a way to make it so my action skill isn’t completely useless. I plan on shooting things most of the time but would like to have the option for melee/BAR.

I’m also unsure of what COM would be best for this build, so any input there would be greatly appreciated.

Let me know if you have any questions about the build or my play style.



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It’s been oh idk 6 years since i played OP8 bl2(never touched the last DLC), but from my experience at those levels unless you have release the beast and know how to cycle it your AS is basically useless

@nat_zero_six idk if you’re still around, but you’re the only big raid boss killer i remember


Hmmm that kind of sucks.

Do you know of any gun/melee hybrid builds with a slight preference for guns? I don’t want to be totally reliant on BAR.

Just so happens 1 of my 1st ever posts was this
It’s not lvl 80/OP10, but it’s lvl 72 OP8 tested against not raid bosses

What’s the play style like? Shoot stuff until you’re in RtB range then go on a rampage. Rinse and repeat?

What weapon would you recommend to replace the ravenger and slagga? I really like using magic missile for slag.

My builds tend to be flexible, you can play it however you want honestly. I personally love cycling RTB, but it works just as well using more guns and grenades

SWORDSPOLSION!!! and um a ffyl weapon i guess, slagga is irreplaceable imo becuase if you use magic missles you lose the fastball

I would go Bloodlust/Mania, and will use explosive guns and slagging gun. If i got tired i could go fastballing, or melee-ing with RTB.

for the build, don’t skip Fuel The Blood, that is great for Bloodsplosion, I would also put some points in Boiling Blood if I can, that will really help for in raiding using reaper builds.

1 point in thrill of the kill is enough to get your health back up to full after an overkill. Strip the flesh is one of kriegs best skills both for melee and gun builds. Salt the wound is also good for raiding (Terra, haderax, craw, dragons) with a reaper build using a conference call or an interfacer.

melee - legendary sickle, scream sickle +6 in silence the voices.
bloodsplosion/explosive build - flesh crunch +6 in strip the flesh
hellborn - legendary torch, razed toast +6 in Elemental elation
guns - Legendary reaper, blood blister +6 in blood bath

the build shared by pie is a good hybrid build.


My 2 cents real quick.
My recollections:
Digi Peak - a melee build on Digi Peak is suicide; better to go with a hellborn build that max’s out bloodbath and strip the flesh. Combination of elemental weapons, harold, flakker, grog nozzle, rough rider shield or FotF. Swapping to the rainbow shield / assault rifle / relic combination (I’m embarrassed I cannot recall their names) you get from the raid boss from the Burrows (more embarrassment for not remembering its name) for tough enemies like dukino’s mom and the saturns.

Pyro Pete and Terramorphous - melee / bloodsplosion

All the other raid bosses - I got nothin’


The only build I have used at OP10 that made sparing use of the action skill was:

Borderlands 2 Skill Calculator: Psycho (bl2skills.com)

The general idea of it was to play Krieg without kill skills so that his performance was steady. Power Toast was my preferred class mod as the boosted Pain is Power combined with Salt the Wound to allow Release the Beast to be used as an emergency heal and to kill weaker enemies. However, gun play with splash weapons is the main focus. Grenades were either Maliwan transfusions or Vladof. Shield was the Rough Rider. Relic was usually explosive as the Babymaker, Unkempt Harold, and Badaboom were usually in the loadout with a Slag Slow Hand rounding it out, but element matching also worked great. If fighting an enemy that was immune to elemental damage over time, then I would fire a low level Logan’s gun at my feet for self-ignition. This allowed Numbed Nerves, Pain is Power, and Fire Fiend to be consistent.

Legendary Torch with a Flame of the Firehawk and Moxxi weapons is probably how raid bosses would be done with this build. However, I never bothered.


Peak Opener, Easy Mode, Hard Carry


If B’splosions are possible, then it’s an explosive build with Crunch or Blister.

If not but Blood Bath is possible, it’s a Reaper build. No question.

If not it’s Hellborn : Leg Torch with Hellborn (mostly) filled, Mania up to Salt and Blood Filled Guns and Blood Twitch. The Power Toast is a great COM but I find healing lacklustre so a Moxxi is needed — I prefer L Torch.

Digi Peak is Reaper whenever possible. Crunch otherwise.

Gear :

  • RR or Flame shields.
  • Blood of the Ancients with shotgun, AR, and/or pistol. Explosive relic when required.
  • non-DP Harold. Peak Opener. Omen. SWRDSPLSN. Hail. Flakker (for cheese swapping if you dare). Baby Maker or Tediore PC. CC / I-Facer.
  • Chain Lightning. Stormfront. Fastball. Pandemic.
  • unfortunately Krieg is much more dependent on COMs than the others, so it runs the gamut : L Reaper, L Torch, Toast, Blister, Crunch, even L Psycho. I tend to avoid RtB so I’ve left Sickle out.