R.I.P Bill Paxton(Hudson)

This is messed up–I was honestly hoping they would bring Hudson back with Hicks for Alien 5.He was pushing for it…R.I.P Hudson



Game over man, Game Over!

Seems like Alien 5 is dead as well…:sob:

Why would they just cancel it tho?He says theres a slim chance…How do we go from a strong possibility of Alien 5 being made to “slim” in a few months?

They want to see how well Alien: Covenant does.

O wait, that means if it does well, Ridley’s other alien movies take precedence. Now you see why there’s little hope for ALIEN5 either way. If Covenant bombs, FOX won’t want another alien movie.

I figured it was about $$ but I know Alien Covenent is going to be a Smash Hit at the Theaters–Everyone Loves Aliens–When Alien Covenent is released and the $$$ is rolling in–They better give the Go ahead for Alien 5…Also,i originally thought there were going to be 3 prequels to Alien…Is there really going to be another Alien Movie that takes place before ALIEN??They should start making Alien 5 and the last prequel regardless–Release the Last prequel and Alien 5 back to back

I know how you feel…I hope we will see it at one day. I love the ideas and images of Mr. Blomkamp.And I don´t think 20th CF will lose the option of a new “Replay” (Newt), to milk the cow, you know.

In the mean time, enjoy Covenant. I don´t think it´s gonna great, bit I don´t think it´s gonna bad…something in the midle.

And my personal opinion is:

Alien and Aliens are the best ever made Sc-Fi (and Xenomorph) movies ever. I don´t think an Alien 5 movie will top this two.

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He, he, he…Walter´s CPU is from AMD. :joy: