R I P Moze you will be missed

This is truly a sad day in borderlands. Moze we had some good time running around blowing up bad guys. Laughing at them running around screaming as crits were spamming the screen. You will be missed by all who loved you. As we try to carry on with our lives dealing with the ever so troubling lag of multiplayer. We will remember you with a tear in our eye and a void in our heart that you once filled. One question remains why was killing an awesome class and her tools of her trade more important then fixing the things in the game that was and still is really wrong with the game? I guess we will never know.


Moved to the correct section. Also seems a bit overly dramatic?


Nope, its completely true. You guys should play the game more and not so much thread monitoring and moving post around (to buring them). Theres nothing good about running Moze anymore, says all of us that have actually been using Moze.


Can confirm rip my build, not even talking about the heal… there is no ammo or grenade regen at all


If this nerf was intended then I agree it’s an issue. But the hyperbole really isn’t helpful. She has plenty of good builds.

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Ha , rip my mind sweeper build as well . Will 100% move to flak after this week over

Hey, we play a lot.

Oh, and any feedback about mods? Pm us.

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I am having minimal Moze issues. Even with the unintended breaks in functionality, she still rules, is fun to play, and with some creative stop gaps while the grenade issues get looked at, completely viable

Today I tried different builds with different gear I even dropped from mh3 to no mh2 to mh 1 and then to none. I was able to finally 4/5 4/5 on no mh but died due to my skills not working the only visible regen was where I ran to the ammo dump between each round. Im sure they fix this soon . Imp there was nothing with Moze from the start I dont know why someone would mess with something that wasnt broken.

If you want some build guides you can check out people like ArreksGaming, Joltzdude, AdmiralBahroo on youtube. Lots of great guides there.

Damn, the Borderlands community lately has been dramatic af. There’s no more sustainablity or regen? Think outside the box once in a while.
-Transfusion Grenades
-Transformer & Shock Splash Damage
-Moxxi Weapons
-Shield Boosters
-Full Can of Whoop-Ass (panic button)
-Bottomless Mags (all the regen you can ask for)
Was spamming grenades and face tanking everything that fun?


“Was spamming grenades and face tanking everything that fun?”

Who are you to dictate whats fun for other people then yourself?

Just asking.


Thats exactly what I have been saying!

If its not fun for you, play another build. I already has a gun focus FL4K already (on top of just about every FPS), thats why I play a Grenade focus “Moze the Joker” referencing to the character ‘Joker’ in one of thr best war film ever made, Full Metal Jacket.
I also has a Melee Amara the Meleemancer.

Having a FPS where you can play just throwing grenade make BL3 unique! You don’t have to like it, but don’t stop others from having fun with it.


In a first person shooter? Nonsense! What is this foreign concept!?

Joking aside, these tips are better than the “If you don’t like it, use another build!” silliness that is ironically being spewed all over the forums.

“My build is ruined!” “Use another build!”

Huh. Advice is only good until you don’t take it yourself, I guess.

I actually had to switch classes because the constant ninja-nerfs destroyed Moze to a point it was simply no longer fun to play with her. Personally, I think it’s a failing of the game I spent 30 hours developing a character to Mayhem 3 only to have Gearbox nerf them to where I have to give-up and switch to the Siren.


Give Melee Bear a chance, it’s a ton of fun and very powerful.
Granted I only used it to level 40, still had a blast though.

Yeah, I got Bear to about level 40. On Mayhem 3, you proc him, get in…and he literally dies/runs out of fuel in less than 1.5 seconds against normal run of the mill M3 enemies. Against Annointed or Bosses, 1.5 seconds is being generous.

Use explosive weapons, and flamethrower weapons, you’ll get your nades back.

I totally agree . We spend hours finding the right build the right gear to play the game as efficient and affective Thats why this game was the the best you could fine tune any class to your style. Now someone decides that wasnt for them so it must be wrong for all? To quote the late Scooter ‘’ Not cool man not cool’’


To be fair, none of the BL games play like first person shooters at end game, they play like gear-based RPGs. Using cover and positioning is meaningless when at any given moment four Badass Zealots could spawn behind me and start showering me with cryo rockets.

“Use another build” isn’t really a good response to that though. It’s a bit like if someone says “My car was stolen,” and you respond “Go buy another one.” Obviously they have to buy another one, but that doesn’t make losing the first one feel any better.