R4kk 4tt4ck Builds

I got tired of doing the Fl4k crit monster builds and this one seems to be a great balance of damage/pet/ and R4KKS!

I have seen other Rakk builds but this one is based around the Bounty Hunter Legendary Class Mod. Pumps out Rakks constantly and utilizes most Hunter Skills.

3/3 Leave no Trace (ammo)
5/5 Interplanetary Stalker (Hunter SKill)
1/5 Hunter’s Eye (Mod buff)
3/3 Head Count (AS cooldown)
5/5 Two F4ng (you know!)
3/3 Big Game (Hunter Skill effect and duration bonus)
3/3 The Most Dangerous Game (Mod buff / Hunter Skill with long duration)
1/1 Galactic Shadow (+Crit and less attacked(?))
5/5 Grim Harvest (+Gun and Rakk Dmg)
1/1 Megavore (Crit chance anywhere)

5/5 Ferocity (Pet Dmg)
2/5 Frenzy (Mod buff / Hunter SKill)

5/5 Furious Attack (Hunter Skill)
5/5 Eager to Impress (AS regen)
1/1 Lick the Wounds (survive)

Pet: Scorcher

A/S: Rakk Attack!

Modifiers: Flock 'N Load / Rakkcelerate

Mod: Bounty Hunter + Frenzy +The Most Dangerous Game +Hunter’s Eye

The build focuses on Rakk action regen and damage. It also buffs pet and Fl4ks damage as well. A lot of hunter skills are added and boosted by the Mod which has a 3% trigger rate on crit, along with Fl4ks crit rate, the skills trigger often. Lick the wounds is helpful because we know pets respond faster than players :slight_smile:

Feedback always welcome!

Edit: Made shorter + explanations. Removed "Persistence Hunter’ unless proven to get additional Rakk attacks in.


I love seeing these. I’m working on a similar build focused on rakks because I love them.

I’m going to see how many I can stack with the rakk com and an augmented shield with plus one charge, then go for guns with the bonus damage after enemies are hit by a talk and just spam racks.

Also storm fronts crit enemies, therefore cool down your action skill for more spam.

I have a lot of gear and everything to figure out with it but pumped about the idea.


Would benefit the Master tree more if pet DMG also transferred to Rakks, but then I am sure that would just make this OP lol.

I have been working on a r4kk build rn because pet build isnt working out so great. I found that if you stack action skill cd speed anointment on shield + action skill cd on your classmod and abit of cd from guardian ranks you don’t even need to have extra charges, due to the cd being so low you literally cant use them before getting them back. I have permanent 2 charges atm and just spam rakks on cooldown, its pretty fun.


I’m playing with skills a bit and looking for the right com, artifact, and shield. I like the transformer because I can toss storm fronts to cool down faster and walk right through them and shotgun enemies in the fact as well as keep my pet alive.


Due to my cd being so low I dropped the +charge class mod and i’m going for the +35% damage to high hp targets. But I could see the stronger hunter skill mod being strong with the action skill damage increase from interplanetary stalker, assuming that’s how it works. I have a transformer with the 20% increased cooldown annointment and it works amazing. Artifact im stumped on atm, i’m using a snowdrift victory rush because it’s by far the best I have.

That’s interesting, cool we are both on the transformer but I’m jealous of your anointment.

Which rakk augments are you using?

Yea I think the anointment kinda makes a huge difference, since it completely negates the need for extra charges. I’m currently running +2 rakks and the heal. I don’t think cryo is very good but I could be wrong, and the extra charges are pointless when you can’t get past your first charge.

I’m doing the same I used to use the cryo but so much resisted it.

Yea cryo just feels way too weak to me especially if you are trying to make rakks a large source of your damage. The +2 and heal are just so much stronger than the other 2 imo.

And it’s a ton of healing

Yea they just synergize so well together. I’ve only started using this build recently so I really need to farm some guns with the extra damage on rakk hit anointment, but it’s a super nice in between of the crit build and the pet build seeing as the pet build just isn’t where it needs to be at the moment.

The bekah is my favorite so far, also the fast crits help downtown more.

I only switch to cryo when they resist fire, will switch to heal if in a heavy fire fight, but will always keep +2 Rakks myself as well.

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When you get it worked out please post your build. I’m already level 50 but still in NVHM . I finished story and mow I’m going back to do side quests and clear maps and stuff ( because I’m one of those weird completionists and like to do everything in the game multiple times ). I LOVE my rakks! I’ve been running them with my skag buddy, Sir Pukey Wigglebutt. I’m reading that using anything but FL4K crit/jabber is not TVHM or end game viable. I would love to find a way to keep my rakks. Even better if I can also keep my skag but I’m not toally opposed to switching to the spiderant if I need to.


This isn’t the build yet but most of that is rakks in tvhm mayhem 3 and it’s kinda a cake walk.

The final build will be much stronger than this


Rakk do fire dmg or cryo. Scorcher boosts elemental dmg 10% and rakks count as missiles.


Scorcher actually boosts elemental damage resistance, not elemental damage. Unfortunately it’s a typo on the skill tree. If you look at the skill description it says resistance.

Shame. Would be cool if it did boost elemental damage.

Guess I need to read the fine print! Still prefer the scorcher over the Countess unless there are more armored mobs. Countess can be an eye sore.