R4kk attack cooldown glitch. When using the skill that lets you reduce cooldown on crit sometimes r4kk attack gets glitched to not come back

I will be using the brainstormer and megavore. This generates a lot of crits. If I do this too much the cooldown for r4kk attack comes back really fast like under 3 seconds. then it glitches and acts like i’ve used r4kk attack and goes on cooldown again. Sometimes I get stuck not being able to get my cooldown back.

I know what you’re speaking of, the best work around is to maybe only have 1 or 2 points in that skill.
This glitch happens when you when you get your AS back too quickly.

is this where your supposed to let devs know about the problem so they can fix it or is that a different sub forum?

Gotta go make a support ticket bud