R4kk Attack Megavore build definitive ruling

Is there a definitive ruling over which version of r4k attack flak is the best.

Specifically the megavore build. is it better to use the blue true or green true for supplemental survivability and damage.

Health regen is nice from blue tree, so is elemental damage,

green tree pet reviving you is nice, turn tail and run is nice

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I personally like blue tree more since the skag bonuses are better overall and actually make u do more rakk dmg than green tree. Blue tree has flat dmg increases while green is just gun dmg. Also when they eventually fix the pet dmg increasing skills blue tree will def be the way to go. Big game hunt increases the effect of psycho head on a stick

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I prefer going down the green tree, Turn Tail and Run + Fast and Furryous + pet revive are all things I miss a lot if I spec out of them. Also if you’re not working around the Head Count cooldown reset bug, Eager to Impress is your only other reliable cooldown reduction tool.

I also have the Scorcher Spiderant as my pet most of the time and she’s probably the worst pet for Frenzy and Who Rescued Who. Having Barbaric Yawp w/ her is nice but I feel like she is just not a good fit for the skills in the blue tree overall.

Gear might be a big factor in what works for you as well, I use a Ward shield and the health regen from the depleted shield + Spiderant + TTaR is enough to get me over half-health quickly unless I get hit with fire DoT. So the speed bonus from Furryous is almost always up, which in turn lets me take a lot of risks w/ positioning so I can get away with things like unloading an entire AR mag in something’s face lol. I don’t think this would work w/o the shield though.

how does one work around the head count cooldown reset bug. I put zero points in it but my class mod puts a few. Often times I have to just disengage from combat and not shoot anything so I don’t cooldown too quickly and not be able to proc my anointments.

I feel what your saying a little bit but you can get around frenzy problem by putting one point into the reflect damage skill you will always be at max stacks. I feel like the damage is better on the blue tree because the elemental damage applies to the anointed shield and grenade effects.

My issue is with the pet dying in boss fights and me losing pretty much the whole tree’s worth of bonuses. I have thought about using the pet revive class mod for boss fights?

The only problem I have with the green tree is that when I need a revive, the pet usually dies trying to revive me. I feel like I’m wasting points in the green tree, but at the same time, I sure miss that skill when I don’t specc into it.
I tried going full red/blue, but in Slaughter Shaft at least, I couldn’t pass the third round, until I changed to red/green.

I run Megavore Master exclusively now. M4 all the way. For the first 2 months, I played Power Inside R4kk attack build and it was awesome. Being able to proc the Power Inside to get the bonuses to damage with R4kks was reliable and heavy, the pet revive was nice and the mod I used, friend bot, gave me 3 points in Barbaric Yawp, which at the time, was all I cared for in the blue tree with the scorcher.
However, with the changes to the pets in the last few updates/hotfixes, and the addition of the the new ASE annointments that give +50% elemental damage and the 100% damage after damaging an enemy with R4kk Attack annoitment, I run Megavore Master entirely.
I combo Shared Spirit and Mutated Defenses with the Friend Bot, He bites and frenzy and use WRW to the fullest, then spec all the way down to Megavore, maxing out all Hunter Skills except Second Intention, then skip Two F4ng for Hunters Eye and Grim Harvest. Wish I had a few more points to max out Grim Harvest, but that will come later. With the Friend Bot class mod, Mutated Defenses and Shared Spirit really get the max use, and because I have +3 to BY with the mod, dumping 5 points into that gives me a whopping 42 percent elemental damage and 4.2 health regen a second with the scorcher, or I can switch it up with the Great Horned Skag and get 32% gun damage and 16% overall damage if I find I’m not going down that much without the scorchers health regen. And I find that I dont really miss the pet revive that much, with all the damage I can do, i found that even when i did have it i was reviving myself before the pet even got to me. If i find myself going down, i shoot out the R4kks real quick so all my annointments proc and it makes it much easier to get a second wind. The only time I hate not having the pet revive is when I get downed after the last enemy is dead. That’s frustrating for sure. Lol


After tons of testing through Wotan and SS personally I’ve found full red rest green to work the best. Playing on tvhm/m4 and this is what I constantly see after I use my rakks. I love flak and rakks :smiley_cat:

So it seems like both are more or less equally viable? Which does the most damage? Also what does a god roll friend bot com look like? can damage, and crit damage spawn on it?

Also is it worth to full invest in the r4k damage, I find the raks can one hit stuff on m4 outside of the takedown, but inside, even with the r4k p4k com. Although I don’t have got rolls for Splash damage.

I love the rakk anointment, have it on every gun. It makes them take 100% incoming damage from all sources on the enemy’s they hit.

i’ve converted to 100% ASE damage as it doesn’t require me to hit target for damage

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Still the RA bonus is multiplicative and includes damage from all sources, 100% ase only counts towards your own weapons damage as an additive boost

I don’t think there is any sort of definitive thing to say about these two builds other than that it is your personal playstyle preference. I don’t like the blue tree skills at all but respect the healing and pet damage. Green tree has more damage for Fl4k and less heals. I prefer spec’ing Megavore and green tree down to Fast and Furryous.

I think both playstyles work equally well. I feel like this is the debate about Zero playstyles - you can play him more healthy, but you really win on Fl4k by killing things more quickly because he is a little squishy with no shield skills.

I still run mine with Blue/Red and Furious from green, I don’t goto megavore, just to Galactic Shadow. I have a godroll bounty hunter with 31% pistol and 31% smg, so I use cutsman and linoge with a cutpurse otto idol. Handle just fine. Way better than my Zane.

@jbow2020 Man, Zane is surprisingly strong after the most recent patch and hotfix. GBX really buffed him up, which was very much warranted IMO. He still is not as strong as Fl4k or Amara, but as far as the gameplay I have seen on YT (I don’t actually play Moze, but I have put over 150 hours into my Zane), it appears that he is now at least about roughly equal to Moze.

This revelation definitely surprised me the other day when I fired up my Zane for the first time in about a month.

I was tired of my FL4k and do play more time on my Zane than Fl4k. I can handle M4 on my Zane, but my FL4k breezes through stuff so much faster. Zane has a lot of ways to utilize grenades, but they are trivial in dmg for M4 as he has no way to buff them. He has great Cryo effect skills, but no way to buff their dmg. I could go on and on, but other VH’s do it faster. Zane has one of the best survive-ability in M4 for sure with his skills, but when it comes to out right damage, I can infi-spam lyuda, maggie, scourage, grenades, but FL4k does it faster with any weapon. I am not a crit fl4k either, just a bounty hunter/rakk build.

You can see the suggestions here to get him on par:

And just to verify, Fl4k should do it faster, just not by such a substantial amount. I love the Q-system, but I don’t want my Zane build to consist of tagging everything firing a scourage and snowdrifting with an unforgiven for godlike dmg. I would rather be more tactful, not speed sliding with random fires.


I really like Zane but his damage output does not seem to be as significant as it should be based upon literally reading some of his skills. This seems wrong to me.

Specifically, a couple examples:

  1. The barrier action skill augments on the left hand side only working when the barrier is stationary (vs. carried) is a silly restriction and this should be fixed to work in that manner.

  2. Zane (and Moze for that matter) do not benefit from the on ASE anointments as much as Fl4k and Amara and that seems like an oversight. Zane needs to have his action skills up all the time to maximize damage and his anointments should reflect that. He needs more anointments that boost damage while his action skills are active. There are a few but they are not that good.

  3. The Distributed Denial skill should actually work ad described. The Rerouter shield working with this skill would help a lot with his damage. I don’t know why they cannot get this to work correctly.

I know this isn’t a Zane thread but since you brought it up I thought I would respond. I actually like Zane’s character design and synergies, at least in theory, a lot better than Fl4k’s, but the fact that his damage output is low kind of makes playing him just a little underwhelming.


Agreed to a tee!

Will track back on topic:

As I stated, do not delve into Megavore, and I have tried. I have also gone to Pack Tactics 3/3 and Furious to 3/5 but the combo was doing me better with this set up.

I run with Linoge/Cutsman and re-charger shield. My Rakks are only for ASE and heals as I do not spec into their dmg boosts. Fl4k to me is in a great place with Gamma/Rakks/ and FA all being viable.

My build is here:

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Can someone summarize the main differences of using the Master or Stalker tree as the 2nd tree to a Megavore build? This could help people decide what is best for them, or the content that they plan on using it for (bosses, mobbing etc)

For example, which is better for survivability, which is better for single target dps, groups of enemies etc.

Master second tree
Damage 12% gun damage
40% damage
30% elemental damage
5% damage
Health 5% health, 3% health regen, 1.6% health regen

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