R4KK P4CK Class Mod Crashes my game. (PC)

Hi, just what the title says. With this new hotfix whenever I use this class mod suddenlies my game crashes, and when I don’t have it it just doesn’t. Is anyone more having this issue? I’ve found a reddit post with this problem too.

What kind of hang? Freeze and have to quit via Task Manager, hangs with error message, silent crash to desktop, or something else?

Does this happen whenever you equip it, or whenever you actually throw a Rakk (and does it crash when the Rakk start to divide or right when you cast them)?

I’ve been using it without issue, so for example, if we were to find out that it’s tied to using the cryo Rakk, or some other specific condition, that would help Gearbox with the debugging immensely.

It’s a freeze and close, and later an error message.

It happens whenever I use the fl4k att4k skill while the mod r4kk p4ck is equiped. I found on reddit the exact thing that happens to me but on PS4.

It’s even in the same area, where this mod is farmed. Sorry for replying late.

Hope this clarifies a bit more my issue. I’ve been using since the crash other mod and it didn’t crashed a single time.

I’ve been playing 2-3 hours with this mod equiped and I didn’t have a single crash.

Thank you for hearing your community gearbox, you’re a great company.

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