R4kk p4k drop rate

I’ve been hitting the rink of cunning the while day, downed him probably 30 times on mayhem 4, yet I havent gotten the mod to drop once. Is the drop rate really just that low? As fun as it is to spend 15 minutes a run trying to get this am I better off just trying to trade for it?

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Trade for it

Well that’s unfortunate, I posted in trade chat hopefully I’ll get lucky.

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I got one on the second on third try yesterday, I think I was just lucky though, because I tried at least 4 or 5 times after that to get another one with better passives and have yet to get another to drop. I think it is pretty rare.

However, if I were you, as a fellow Fl4k player, I would suggest you spend your time farming something else. IMO both the Cosmic Stalker and Bounty Hunter (or possibly even the Deadeye) are way better COMs. The Rakk Pakk COM seems like it should be way better than it is, with the boost to Grim Harvest, but it is in fact not that great.

EDIT: If I keep farming and get another one to drop I will be glad to send you one if you are on Xbone.

I appreciate that but I’m on PS4, I mostly just wanted to try it out, I have multiples of the other mods I switch between. I prefer friend bot for the barbaric yawp boost it gives me 9 points in the skill for 320% pet bonus

M4 scaling kills it. It is dirty as can be used as a primary damage source instead of just an anointment proccer on M3 and below, but you are right that on M4 it may be the worst com :frowning:

The biggest issues are that the Rakks are really only good for 2 things: (1) proc’ing anointments on ASE and (2) killing the lowest of the low trash mobs (tinks, ratches, etc.), and sometimes they won’t even kill them. This COM does not help with (1), and the enemies in this game are too spread out for the Rakks to seek them out and hit multiple times. I have even tried using a Quasar to group them up, and it still does not really help.

This is OT, but one of the saddest things about this game to me is that singularity grenades suck. The fuse times are just too long to be effective! The Quasar was my favorite grenade in BL2, and it is just really underwhelming in BL3.


I’d say just screw it. With later cap increase and power creep, the farm will be much easier. I did the run a few times and nada. I’d rather do something else.

I ended up trading a Tankmen for it

where did you trade it from? I am looking for one too

Just went to the ps4 trade chat, said I had a tank man amd asked if anyone had an extra mod they wanted to trade for it

Yeah, it looks like drop rates have steadily went to hell since launch and currently feel worse than BL2 drop chances.

Anyways, yeah trading is the way to go if possible. Good luck friendo!

The drop rates are wierd, I was just farming laser sploder on M4 I had 8 drop in a row then 2 amara mods, then nothing legendary at all for 15 runs

For regular world drops I actually get more legendary drops on M2 than I do M4. I average at least 2 legendaries per kill with Graveward and I can kill him in less than 10 seconds. He often drops 3-5.

As far as the M4 only legendaries, the drop rates of those are closer to 1%. Count on making near 100 runs on average to get one.

It’s almost as bad as trying to get a fire elemental Lyuda with just the right anointment on it. Spent almost 4 hours farming Tremendous Rex today and didn’t even get a fire Lyuda, much less one with the right anointment. Got two Maggies, but neither of those were anointed either.

Farmed so many items that only the Orange, Purple, and a couple of Blue items showed up on the ground. This is how you know you’ve really been farming.

Excuse the amateur screenshot. Photo00002|690x388

I’ve noticed the drops seem to be less on M4 as well, so unless I’m looking for an item specific to M4 I go back down to 2 or 3 as well depending on what I’m looking for. I wonder if the reduced drop rate was intentional or not.

There are so many weird farming issues in this game right now. Unless you have to farm something that is M4 specific, it appears to me that you are basically not that much better off farming in M4 than you would be farming in M3, at least as far as world drops. And M4 farming takes way longer.

And for dedicated drops that are not M4 specific, you are just as well off farming in M3 as far as I can tell from my farming. The dedicated drops do not appear to drop all that much for me anyway. I farmed Tremendous Wrex about 30-40 times the other day and did not get ONE SINGLE Maggie or Lyuda at all! I mean, it happens, but that shouldn’t happen like that.

Oh man! I am with you with the grind! Anointed Tinks are getting so old!! I’m on PS4 and I don’t see a trade chat. :frowning: Not to mention it’s the “farming frenzie” 15 runs later I am still with no MOD!