Rad recurring hex

So does the recurring hex come in Rad with 50% cryo after ase?

It can

I have one that’s cryo with bonus rad. You on PS4? Can send if you want.
(DM me your PSN ID if so.)

The grenade I’m actually trying to find now isn’t even legendary. I saw a purple rarity one in someone’s vid that did something like split into multiple homing grenades that split again after contacting the enemy and exploding. It seemed to work amazingly for Vampyr while doing a noticeable chunk of damage.

cloning maddening tracker, fantastic for moze survival .

I have a spare unannointed cloning maddening tracker if you’re on xbox

What really?! I’ve been farming for bonus rad/shock!

I’m PS4. Would you be willing to trade something no for it?

PSN: Darthquixote777

Not rad/shock – rad hex with bonus cryo & cryo hex with bonus rad. If you want one, DM me your PS4 ID

Yeah that’s what I meant!

Thank you very mitch if it was someone from here that send me the hex. Appreciated greatly :blush: