Rad Rowans call NEEDED!

I can trade a lot of stuff. Just let me know!!!

I have a Rowan’s Call , radiation, +250 after phasecast. I also have one non annointed.

looking for, very unsuccessfully, a spiritual driver mod and also a Brawler Ward shield

I don’t have brawler ward. But i do have pugilist big boom blaster (+80% melee when DEPLETED) which i assume you want for glitch. It works due to “depleted” buff
I’d trade for non annointed

I made a mistake, my annointed Rowan’s Call ,radiation, is ASE, +20% bonus radiation. Or the non annointed, your choice.

Would that suit you better?

Yea it would for sure. For that i have a brawler big boom blaster (+180% melee after shield depleted)

I am such a doofus. The one with +20 rad is a base fire. I will send the non annointed pronto if you still want to dael

Yea man I definitely still do. I swear ive farmed for this damn thing for months. Damn slaughter star 3000 is a pain

GT please and I will get it on the way… sounds like me farming for the Spiritual Driver. I don’t think I will ever get it.

Gt is Cpl Smilez
Who do you farm for that. Maybe I’ll try my hand and see what i can get

Sent the gun. My GT is conch8. Sylvestro and Atomic is the farming for the Driver. From what I understand Sylvestro is the only one that drops it. They are a Target of Opportunity in Nerfekateyo???

Very well. I often farm general traunt so i can hit them up as well. Shield sent

Thanks, buddy, maybe we can stay in the trading loop and help again.

Best of the holidays to you!

Yea absolutely. On my way to nek to do this. Long ass run lol

Bro i have a groll driver if you still need one

Yes, indeed! What could I give you in return? My xbox GT is conch8

Do you have any 100ASE cutsman? Or 125ASE cutsman? Or any good zane gear like redistributors/his new class mod

Sorry, Volak, my Cuttsman are pretty basic. I do have four of the new mods for Zane but none of them are outstanding. If you don’t have any I will send you one, no problem.

I have recurring hexes and recursion shotguns but my best one of those is for siren.

I think I just picked up a radiation Rowan’s with a decent anointment - I think the stacking damage buff?

I do have a Brawler Ward, I think radiation resistance, and 300% melee. Not really my style, but I kept it around anyway. I’d part with it for something useable.

I’d take a Dahl anointed AR, Hornet, night hawkin… I main Amara, but doesn’t need to be her specific anointments. Terror gear is good too.

Its cool ill send you an extra driver mod i found when farming. Its not the best but its something. I tried searching your gamertag but theres like 50 conch profiles that popped up. Add me GT is Volak, and ill send it via mail