Radiant Halberd - Does it scale off of Skill Damage?

So I just unlocked Ambra’s legendary gear that gives perma heat buildup and I’m wanting to build for damage with the Level 7 Radiant Halberd turret mode. Trying to figure out if stacked Skill Damage is the way to go or Attack damage.

Anyone use a similar build? It drastically changes her playstyle. She goes from a mid/close range caster to a mid/back.

It goes off of attack damage same with her regular scorching strikes


Thanks. Figures that’s one of the least developed gear options in my inventory lol. Can you Crit with the Halberd fireball? I’ve got some pretty nice +Crit Damage pieces.

Yeah it can get some good crits

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I totally use the build with the Halberd + her Legendary. As stated above +Attack Damage would increase the damage, not Skill Damage. Also, it can totally get some sexy crits.

I might test out Ambra with a Vow of Vengeance or something. Just a very expensive kit that may only show up mid-late game.

I’ve tested Halberd + Vow of Vengeance. The legendary melee bonus doesn’t apply. :frowning:

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That actually makes sense, as Radiant Halberd turns a melee attack into a ranged one.

Other ranged attacks (e.g. Oscar Mike’s AR) do benefit from Attack Damage, but could never trigger the ‘on melee hit’ condition.

In conclusion, it might be wise to take attack damage on the last gear piece you plan to activate, as you get Radiant Halberd rather late.

/Edit: Given her healing abilities, Symbiotic Gauntlet might be a better legendary choice, if you want to boost her projectile damage.