Radiation Damage Type Replaces Slag

Randy Pitchford, on a twitter reply, officially stated that slag is replaced by radiation damage type, which makes enemies vulnerable and take damage over time

“There is no slag - we replaced it with something that makes a little sense. The new ‘element’ damage type, which is like a nuclear radiation effect, has a similar effect to slag (increased vulnerability by those affected) and also has a damage-over-time component”


So I take it all those guns in the gameplay trailer that looked like cryo are actually shock or something?
Can’t see gearbox including two debuff elements, but maybe cryo got switched up to act like the regular elements.


So corrosive from bl1?

Sounds a tad OP. Combining the DOT effect of corrode/fire AND slag’s debuff? Hot dang. Meh, they probably balanced it… right?

Well, this news was super exciting to me at first considering how much Slag ruined UVHM for me, but then I read this line:

There is no slag - we replaced it with something that makes a little sense.

…ugh. I’ll reserve judgment until we know how it will be implemented, but please don’t base the entire end-game around it again.


That fully depends on the balancing. Let’s say that radiation DoT’s let an enemy take extra 30% damage, but the DoT is basically just half as strong as other DoTs. Then yeah, that might be just a good debuff. Also, Cryo could have been reworked, so that it - as theoretical example - slows enemies down instead of freezing them solid.

And it might even be possible that certain element types lower or increase the bullet damage weapons might have. For example, weapons with radiation element could have less bullet-damage than their counterparts of other elements.

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I figure they’ll attempt to balance it. I just know how balancing elements has worked in past installments and was taking a jab.

Balancing is one of my biggest concerns for this game. Not so much about how its balanced out of the gate, but more so about their dedication to fixing issues in a timely manner. I realize they don’t have quite the level of resources of a Blizzard or Bungie, but taking literally years to balance things like drop rates and under powered skills in BL2 (many of which are still problematic) needs to improve this time around.


Understood. It will definitely be interesting to see how they’ll balance everything out. But at least, from what’s rumoured, they developed the game with the highest difficulty in mind, which they didn’t in BL2. I heard that we’ll have a “Master Vault Hunter Mode” this time. How it’s called is, in the end, irrelevant, but that they designed the game with it in mind will hopefully prevent the disaster that was UVHM in BL2. UVHM really had people up in arms for some time as it was seemingly balanced around broken items like The Bee. I hope that they just nerf the problematic items instead of warping whole game modes this time.

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(cough) Buck Up (cough)

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Going to miss the visual of that purple ooze.

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The only skill that will simultaneously piss you and your friends off

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Pretty minor, but I hope that the color of radiation damage is distinct enough to not be confused with other damage types.

Radiation usually is signalled by a yellow and black color scheme. I guess that yellow will be the corresponding color here. Hopefully Corrosive damage is “green enough” to be easily seen as something different.


My issue with slag isn’t difficulty skewing that it created for UVHM, but 2 other reasons:

  1. A slag weapon is not an actual weapon, but just a tool - the single utility of slag is it buffing all other damage types, so chance to slag it’s all what matters. - Once slag is inflicted on enemy, you switch to other weapons.
  2. Having slag as one of elements ruins lot of loot, that would’ve been good finds if spawned with any other elemental type.

I’d say that slag would be just fine, if it was limited to just select few unique weapons and equipment. There is no need for it to be part of global loot pool, but it’d be still neat as option.


Fair issues, nice to see ones that don’t revolve around UVHM.
Just want to mention your solution would make it possible for someone to play without ever seeing slag, which could mean new players are unable to get them until they figure out which quests reward them.

Thoughts here are that they could potentially boost only specific damage types.

So like have Cryo provide a damage boost to non element shots and melee attacks and radiation boost element damage. IMO I wasn’t a huge fan of slag in BL2 and the way it felt like a necessity at times during endgame.

I think the replacement of slag mainly boils down to the player feed back from BL2 end game being too overly dependent on it. It also might fit in lore wise considering if hyperion is under different management they might move away from slag just based on the fact that it is closely tied to Jack and the eridium/slag experiments he was conducting. Which, based on the echos we gave to Tannis from the Docters Orders quest, might paint them in a bad light to those outside of the Borerworlds. Just a thought, but its probably just the first thing and them wanting add new stuff to the game.

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Partially true. Slag on slag damage was added in UVHM, so slag weapons do more than just paint things purple - there’s an initial projectile damage (just like fire, shock, and corrosive weapons) and then the status effect makes subsequent hits more effective. Now, that combined with Maya is great fun - paint everything in sight purple and watch as the corrosion and fire damage finishes off the mob.

What made cryo better than slag in TPS was that it did initial damage, DoT, and applied debuffs to the frozen target (which included shattering so melee was more fun.)

If radiation damage does something similar to that, it could be great fun, especially if their are synergies between character build skills and an irradiated target.

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Mechanics aside, I really loved the look of Slag. It was easily distinguishable from anything else and it looked cool.

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