Radiation Efficiency + Damage Doesn't Work?

Found out I have some neat radiation damage guns and wanted to put together a build around them. but I can’t seem to get this artifact to work.

My understanding is that it would break down like this:

  • Radiation damage is increased 50%

  • Irradiate damage is increased 18%

  • Irradiate explosion radius is increased 18%

I respecced my character and didn’t allocate any points, took off my class mod and tested a radiation weapon with and without the artifact and it showed the same damage on the same mob. Same session too, I would take a shot, pause in inventory and equip the class mod and shoot again.

I still need to test more weapons but maybe I am not correct on the buffs this artifact offers? Any suggestions or similar results?

The artifact enhances the the aura damage not your gun damage. So when an enemy dies of radiation that blast will be stronger but not your actual bullets.

Unless of course you’re saying that’s also unaffected?

That makes more sense. I did not test that. Before posting I looked up some other discussions and people were saying to look at “Aura” as a “Buff” so I thought it buffed radiation damage.

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