Radiation Zane build?

So my 2nd playthrough I’m using Zane after maining Flak. Everything I see about build tends to revolve around cryo, but has anyone played with a radiation build?

I’m at level 35 and I’ve set my sentinel to radiation which gives Zane a boost when an enemy is effected by rad, I’m using radiation grenades and have 2 of 4 slots with rad gear. Using drone/clone skills, and working to clone having my gun so they’re constantly causing rad effect too, boost my bonuses further.

Has anyone experimented with this build, both on the way up and at level 50? Any advice for how to do it best?

I’m not sure but I think that drone perk only works if they are affected by the drone beam and not any other radiation source.

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Oh really, that throws out my entire plan if that’s the case. The description made me think it would be any enemy affected by rad, and I’m moving really fast when theres rad damage everywhere which I thought was mostly caused by my grenades. I know it only works when drone is out but I thought all rad damage contributed.

This is the build I’m thinking of

I’ll check on if it’s only rad damage from drone, but assuming it’s not in thinking I’ll build around radiation gear and kill skills, which is why points are so spread, the skill that boosts them by 7 seconds and 25% I think really helps even if only 1 point in a skill. I have decent action skill cool down already through guardian ranks and the shield full perk from my flak, so the aim is to have drone out almost all the time. I’m building purely for mobbing, my Flak is crit build and perfect for bosses so I want a Zane for circles and proving grounds, giving me reason to use both of my characters. All input welcome :slight_smile:

i thought you were gonna bust out the red suit shield +distributed denial idea

very disappointed.

I have a red suit waiting for him to hit level 50 lol.

Now we talking rad zane

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I think with the rad suit it might be doable but I’ll be honest with you. I’ve used an elemental Zane before. Electric. And It went very poorly the higher the mayhem modifier. Zane’s issue is that he has MANY ways to apply an Element. Clone with double Barrel. Sntnl. Your own guns, or grenades thrown by said drone and clone.

But when you don’t do additional elemental damage, it tends to not matter. You have MANY ways to hit mobs weakly

At the same time though, I think radiation is a better element than electric so we’ll see

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You probably already have a atom balm relic right?
Hive could be a good weapon as a room cleaner

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The boost from sentinel with rad perk is what made me want to play with the idea. I’ve got cool down to the point that I’m never more than a few seconds without my drone, so in theory I should have the radiation boost to Zane and nerf to enemies applied pretty much all the time. I should hit level 50 next week so I’ll see how it goes in end game

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I barely look at anything that’s not orange, but just searched that and that relic looks perfect for my build. I’m using my Flak a bit for this event so I’ll check every purple relic now for that one for when Zane is ready, thanks :slight_smile:

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“atom balm” is a prefix so it can be on any relic you find, orange or not. Good luck finding a good one!


Oh awesome, I searched and saw it on purple. I’ll have to check my mules, with any luck I might have one, thanks