Raging Bear - 13 hours of farming

Tldr: Just bragging my Raging Bear

Long post:
I just wanna share that I finally got this Raging Bear class mod after 13 hours of farming Billy in Mayhem 4. I am happy and at the same time exhausted.

I took aboit 1 hr and two 15 mins breaks in between but my total playtime is around 13 hours. I was using Moze. It got to the point where I am able to dodge all of Billy’s attacks very easily because of the numerous fights I had with this monster.

My build is essentially Bloodletter/Deathless and using the new ION Cannon to heal me and snipe him. Then I pepper him with Rain Firestorm.

Note: I’m relatively new Borderlands player. I played and finished BL2 last Thanksgiving and managed to finish main BL3 a day before the Moxxi DLC. Also this is my first post. I’m an Xbox player btw.


Great perserverance…

The amount of time it takes to farm specific items is just a sick joke…


That’s brutal RNG. 13 hours for one class mod. I have about 15 of them farmed over maybe 4 hours on PC. I used a Blast Master with an X2 Ogre with an incendiary anointment and Maddening Tracker grenade and Autobear with the 15% target softening and Billy would usually be done by the time Autobear ran out or even before. I just finished a reset playthrough of the main story on Mayhem 4 with a Raging Bear with explosive miniguns and it works pretty good but struggles against armor and anointed. Guns keep overheating. With Vampyr Iron Bear is pretty much unkillable and you can clear most areas without getting out. When I would start a battle I would throw pretty much all of my grenades then hop in Iron Bear and go to town.

I remember in bl2 it took days to get the specific drop from certain enemies and bosses. That’s borderlands in a nutshell! Look up the shotgun called " twister ", and see what you went through to get it. Congrats tho, you seem like a true vault hunter at heart! And welcome to the forum.

The Raging Bear mod is the only farm in any BL game I gave up on. I even managed to farm a 94% Sham in BL2 (which was… something else ), but after killing Billy over 300+ times and not getting it to drop I moved on. Couldn’t take it any more

the stat arent even that good , thats the problem


Time to test this event tomorrow:

I wonder how many Raging Bears I will get in less than 13 hours. We know RnG is RnG but I should expect to get a better experience this time. In fact I should be able to farm Billy faster now because I got better gear and more knowledgeable now, and I’m gonna do this in TVHM Mayhem 4 (instead of Normal MH4) so the odds SHOULD BE in my favor.

There are so many modifiers on the class mods (like the +10% manufacturer) that you always trash and hope for something better that the coms could, literally, drop every single run and it would still take you obscene hours to get one with killer stats.

Everyone is talking about drop rate, but it’s the stats that spawn WAY more often than the good ones (we all know which ones we are looking for) that are keeping us from getting our gear without weeks of farming. It’s the same way some legendary weapons drop way more than others (think woodblocker)… they jam up the loot pool. More weapon drops don’t help us a bit if it’s just more woodblockers.

This event isn’t really going to help us… what would help is increased anointed drops and more equality in weapons and stats that show up in the loot pool.

GBX specifically put in their announcement that anointed rates where being buffed. Hope it’s true.

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For the Raging Bear. I’m ok with getting crappy stats for this event (for now) as long as I get a handful of them instead of getting a crappy 1 in 13 hours.

At least that’s 1 step forward for Gearbox. If they can’t make that work, then getting one with good stats is hopeless.

I am expecting the drop rate will be like how we farm Freddie for AutoAime lol.

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I read that after posting… it does cover part of the problem. It still leaves us with anointed woodblockers.

Lol. Yes, maybe Gearbox is trying to tell us something about the Woodblocker and Malaks Bane that we’re all missing. Anyway, let’s be optimistic. I’m hoping this eventually leads to real, permanent fixes to the spawn/drop/anointed rate issues that they’re well aware of by now.

very true , but still , zane player are going to have fun by farming seein dead

Absolutely. BL3 has nothing on BL2 when it comes to obtaining some items.

I remember the Norfleet in particular, which you could only get from either Vermivorous the Invincible which was very difficult to even spawn, let alone kill, or Hyperius The Invincible who was a very difficult solo kill.

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Remember the Sandhawks, oh man getting the flying in ever element was brutal!

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Maybe it’s just because I’ve spent over 1200 hours playing it but I have a fondness for BL2 that I just don’t have for BL3, at least not so far.

Things were so much harder to find or farm and, as such, you treasured them even more when you got them.

Days spent farming the Norfleet, Logan’s Gun and Sham shield so you could go sham-fleeting in Pyro Pete’s Bar to get Torgue Tokens :slight_smile:

Today I did a 30 min farm of Billy. Out of 5 tries, I got 2 Raging Bears. The rates are better (at least for this run).

Funny thing is I don’t even need this mod.

Wanna bet?

I’ll give you a little challenge here. Farm me a Molten Vicious Lyuda with a Rakk Attack 100% damage anointment.

Now, you name me any item in BL2 that you want farmed and I’ll bet I can get that item long before you can farm what I just asked for. I know, because I’ve been farming for it since October. Still don’t have one.


Point taken. There are obviously very specific items/annointments which are hard to find.

Is it perhaps possible that, because the annointments stuff adds another level of RNG, that they’ve upped the overall legendary drop rate to kind of compensate, so legendaries in general are like rain compared to BL2 but, if you want a very specific item with a specific annointment, it’s just as hard to find as a specific legendary was in BL2?

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Yeah that’s a good comparison of the differences. Although I’d argue getting specific anointments combined with specific elements and parts for a weapon is harder than just getting a specific weapon in BL2.