Raging bear build ideas?

Ok mozexperts I’m trying to do a build around raging bear class mod, so I’m looking for ideas on both skill trees and what other equipment to use along with it. I’m currently doing the teddy chucking and was thinking along mixing the 2 but honestly from what I’ve tested so far I think the bloodletter deathless is the best option for the teddys so I am open to other ideas. I just want something that is viable in mayhem 4 and would really like to try something new.

I was trying out raging bear last night. I don’t think I have an ideal enough roll on it. I think the only way it can be better than Bear Trooper is if you get a +3 stoke the embers +2 deadlines roll with bonus splash damage and other good stats.

From what I’m finding on M4, ironically where you get the mod, it’s just not very good. With a +3 StE mod maybe you could dish out enough fire damage to make a fire build… But there’s a purple mod that can have +3 StE and +2 DiB which seems better.

Raging bear just doesn’t do high enough damage to compete with Blast Master output, or Bear Trooper longevity. On lower Mayhem it could potentially be more viable though.

I’ll have to wait and see if I can get a better mod or something. As for Tediore chucks I have no idea sorry.

I have a decent mod, once I get home from work I’ll do some play testing and let you know the results.

Gearbox says the damage buff is working. So this should in theory give a pretty hefty damage boost.

I read somewhere that the damage boost caps out at 40 or 50 percent. No reason to use Raging Bear over Blast Master if that’s true

The patch apparently fixed Stainless Steel Bear. With that you’re getting additional damage on top of the 40% from the mods effect.

I can’t remember exactly how much SSB boost damage as I’ve always ignored that. But that should be taken into account if it works now.

so if you get a 5/5 boost to SSB, you should get 40% from stainless steel bear and another 40-50% from raging bear. You’re STILL better off with Blast Master… unless i’m missing something

For Blast Master you get:

*Pull The Holy Pin - Doesn’t affect IB unless you have a IB anointed grenade.

*Redistribution - Doesn’t affect IB.

*Vampyr - Useless having more points in this when you already have a massive health pool and you’re dealing a lot of damage.

With Raging Bear you get

*Deadlines - Gives Reduced fuel cost, & fuel refund fixing IB longer up time.

*Stainless Steel Bear - More fuel & more armor giving longer uptime with a damage increase to IB.

*Stoke The Embers - Damage increase for both Moze & IB.

I’m not really a fan of StE on the raging Bear mod. But in terms of making IB more effective Raging Bear has more benefits.

The comparison to this would be Bear Trooper. But I feel like Bear trooper is more geared towards Auto-Bear & Raging Bear is more for actually using IB.

Yeah I’ve tried it out whilst I was able to make a viable mayhem 4 build sadly it’s just not as strong as the bloodletter deathless build I’m running. Really disappointing after farming Billy for days and actually managing to get 2 God roll raging bears from him.

If you don’t have StE on Raging bear, you should just use Bear Trooper if we’re comparing a 5/5 SSB mod.

If you put anything into cooldown reduction like Grizzled or Explosive Punctuation you’d be so much better off with Blast Master because you can deal way more damage, get out have auto bear do it’s thing while you kill everything else. Like 20s later you’d have another Iron Bear.

I get the theory of being in Iron Bear for 50% longer but to me it doesn’t make sense when you can do twice as much damage with a different more versatile mod. Maybe it’s just my character but playing with Raging Bear or Bear Trooper my Moze is soo much weaker outside and inside the mech.

All this isn’t to mention that Raging Bear is not at all M4 friendly. It takes an entire set of rocket pods to kill a single badass… To gain one boost. So then you’re hopping into your giant mech to clean up trash mobs? Then deal with the tougher enemies with a weaker build? I call nonsense on this mod.

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Tbh I think that’s why I’m so salty toward this mod haha. Spent so long getting a few decent rolls and it’s just a worse version of other mods. It works, but it’s just bad.

I still want to find a +3 StE one though.

What do you consider God Rolls? Can you post pics or specs?

I just ran the first round of Slaughter Shaft and I only had to call Iron Bear 3 times to finish the first round.

I probably could have spent more time in IB if I managed my cooldown better. The first time I used all of the fuel. The second time I used all but about 1/3 of my fuel and I got it back in less than 10 seconds.

Video from the run.

Mayhem Modifiers

Com I was using

My idea of a Raging Bear god roll would be


+Splash Damage

I still think the com isn’t as good as Best Master but respect the gameplay video. I wish Matched Set would give a bonus to Iron Bears cooldown

Pretty close

I hate you :flushed:

Welp time to spend the entire weekend farming Billy for the perfect mod.

Haha, if you find +3 StE I’ll send you my ps4, and you send me your pc

I actually just booted the game up to see if I could trade you for this. :rofl:

Come on Randy you were talking about working on Crossplay with Epic!

Haha maaan yeah I would’ve too. Dlc patch let’s get cross play please

I think that the Raging Bear com is made as means to an end to clear singular rooms with the Bear on a build that doesn’t completely rely on the Bear. I have a Tediore Moze that uses the bear to weaken singular enemies and those that are always getting too close for chucking comfort.

My experience is that the first thing you have to do is to kill trashmobs to reduce the fuel usage and then start smacking around the big baddies. It works great if you can stay mobile by jumping side-/backwards to avoid melee damage. That way it can be enough to have 1 splash weapon on Iron Bear and one that matches an element to increase the damage output. I try to use Stormfronts (or Clusterf*cks for stability and battle flow) before going into the bear, so I can use the Corrosive Railgun to melt armor and get armor from the explosions while using either electric tethers for dense groups of mobs or fire Railguns for flesh enemies/Anointed. That works pretty well once you get the coordination down. For very varied mobs I use the Explosive Minigun/Grenade Launcher with burst augment on both arms to just stay in the middle of the crowd and kill while healing. Works great until you get the “enemies shoot 2 additional projectiles” modifier or until multiple anointed gang up on you with melee attacks. That’s also why I discarded the mentality of using the bear as “o ■■■■” button. I now rather go in preemptively to thin out the crowd and weaken the bigger targets.

But the variantions of weapons to use depend on your build obviously. I just like switching around. Each weapon combination has a very unique rhythm, if you want to call it that.

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That’s basically why a couple of us were saying blast master is just better. Because Raging bear seems to excel at killing weaker enemies, and leaving strong ones for you to kill.

Blast Master can do the same thing only twice as fast, or you can kill a few badasses and then clean up the rest. It’s the skill points the mod has makes it a worse version of Bear Trooper or Blast Master. Less time in the mech than Bear Trooper, and less damage than Blast Master inside and out of the mech.

That’s why I feel like the only somewhat viable one would be +3StE, +2SS. At least I can make a non Iron Bear build work with that more effectively than Bear Trooper.

This was the skill tree as I ran it to go with a teddy chuck