Raging bear vs blast master

done some testing with this new com aaaaand… i believe currently, blaster master is still better choice for a IB build, a lot of that is based on the fact that cooldown seems bugged as hell right now.

Raging bear damage incease caps out at 40% from damage taken. it does come with stainless steel bear as possible skill roll, though unfortunately it does not seem to provide any damage increase at all.

so currently i feel that it’s actually better to use blast master. combine refunded cooldown for jumping out early and the 100% damage boost from COM, it’s a pretty powerful burst phase, proc annointments etc more frequently. i don’t feel that the lower fuel usage make up for the long cooldown if you spend full duration in IB.

what do you guys think? have anyone tested this com yet ?

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I haven’t tried the Raging Bear but I’m killing everything besides wotan and heavy badasses with Iron Bear + Blast Master + Rocket Pods. I’m even able to chunk a serious portion ~30-35% of Aurelias Health on M4 with IB

I do have extra splash/AOE damage on by com and artifact though so i’m sure that’s helping as well

yeah, i’m farming billy atm and it does some serious work with blast master com, i do have AOE and splash on com / relic aswell - it helps a lot indeed. What build you run with? i have this.

during general mobbing i empty IBs mags, jump out proc annointment, finnish the stranglers off and IB is usually back up before autobear is over. This is without cooldown reduction, which seems bugged anyway according to people. with 20% cooldown on shields + explosive punctuation i don’t see a massive reduction honestly so they must be right.

I’m running this but i’m thinking of scraping 5 points out of somewhere to put into stainless steel bear since that gives IB some more damage as well.

I didn’t know that the cooldown was bugged… does that mean my points in explosive punctuation are wasted? I generally can’t tell since fights in M4 are so chaotic

Stainless steel bear is bugged, that much i’m sure. it does not increase IB’s damage what so ever when (unless they have fixed this with a hotfix since last i checked, which is higly unlikely)

People are saying that cooldown doesn’t reduce, but make it longer instead. i don’t know if that’s true though.

i’m not a huge fan of explosive punctuation and i also suspect it’s what causing IB to randomly insta eject me. because this never happens to me unless i have points spent in that skill.

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ugh, bugs everywhere. Do you know of any other moze skills to avoid? Well, whenever Stainless Steel Bear is fixed, I think i’ll take the points from “why can’t I carry all these grenades” since my com already gives +5 grenades

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i don’t think there’s actually any skill i would avoid other than click click and torgue cross promotion and force feedback. but those are more because i don’t like them personally and force feedback is quite poop. Stainless steel bear is pretty alright honestly, even if it doesn’t provide damage at the moment. trouble is to free up points for it, there’s so much good stuff choose from :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, but to go back to your original question - even though I haven’t tried raging bear, I suspect that Blast Master is the “real” Iron Bear COM. As long as you use IB weapons that deal splash (which are his best weapons anyway) + avoid reloading of course

at the moment, yes i do believe that’s the case. but when they sort out the bugs, specifically with stainless steel bear it will almost definitely outperform blast master for pure IB builds. 40% from the com by just taking damage and extra % damge from stainless steel bear if you get a good roll on your com and the increased duration from lower fuel usage. but at the same time, blast master buff both moze and ib, raging bear only buffs IB.

Raging Bear is meant for railguns; that’s why it comes with Stoke the Embers.

I think I’m still into rocket pods though…

fire in the skag den do a fair amount of damage though with beefed up rocket pods, boosting fire damage futher helps, but you’re probably right - i tend to just ignore that the rail guns exists :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I am going to try out the railguns using a Frozen Heart that novas on entering and exiting IB. Should make lining up headshots pretty easy.

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That’s a cool idea, sounds fun! So i tried the railgun on target dummie in sanctuary. 120k crits… pretty cool.

I’m still stubbornly using miniguns because Let Off Some Steam/General Winter plus Exploding. Bullets is fun. I feel they’d be a LOT better if they didn’t overheat so damn quickly, though. It’s really what holds the miniguns back, imo. You spend more time cooling down than actually firing.

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Does Matched Set help IB with overheating?

No, i don’t think so.

No, gun overheating only.

that’s a shame

Does anyone know if cooldowns are still bunked up. I’ve been trying to test Grizzled and Punctuation but if I’m working from bunk information then it’s no good to test…

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You’re gonna be better off unequipping your shield, and quitting to main menu after every respec. Otherwise all your tests will be totally wrong. Figured it out the hard way man.