Raging bear with splash damage, Maggie with rakk attack anoint or 100% on ASE

Hello, add me if you wish to trade and I’ll mail the item to you:

PSN: Chap_Hammersmith

———————————————**Looking for the following————————————————-
Raging Bear with splash bonus
Everblast :zap: with homing mirv and [After exiting Iron bear, deal +125% splash damage for 18s]

————————————————Offering the following:————————————————

—————-—-New Raid / Mayhem 4 Gear / Old Gear with New Anointments———————-

Shrinking Juliet’s Dazzle :snowflake:
Eviscerating Mocking Kyb’s Worth :snowflake:/:fire: (A) [ASE, splash damage is increased by 125%]
Auditing Executive Redistributor :snowflake: (A) [ASE, deal 125% more weapon damage to badasses etc]
Efficient Stoked Raging Bear +1 SS Bear / +2 Stoke the embers / +2 deadlines
<shield recharge delay, atlas weapon fire rate, action skill cooldown>
Meditative Spiritual Driver +1 mindfulness / +2 HH / +2 Clarity <+18% crit, +31%SMG, +31% Action Skill cooldown>
Spiritual Driver +3 mindfulness / +2 HH <+45% Dahl Weapon Critical, +1666 shield capacity, +32% atlas fire rate>
Frozen Heart (A) [ASE, gain 50% bonus shock damage with weapons for 10s]
Widowmaker (A) [ASe, gain 50% bonus corrosive damage with weapons for 10s]

Not new but posting it here since it’s a god tier Everblast on Moze, not only does it more than double the chuck damage but it also gives moze 75% more shields for 18 seconds

-Super- Everblast ++ <262x16, 13 mag size> (A) [After Exiting Iron Bear, gain 120% splash damage for 18 secs>

——————Assault Rifles——————

-DP- Alchemist :fire: (A) [Bloody Harvest]
-Quickdraw- Bekah (A) [ASE, next 2 mags have 50% bonus cryo] 1.7x zoom
-Burning- Blister :fire:(A)
Breath of the Dying :biohazard: (A) [ASE, gain 15% Life Steal for a short period]
-Molten- The Dictator :fire: (x6 projectiles)
-Storming- The Dictator :zap: (x6 projectiles) (A) [while barrier is active, Increased SEC]
-MOARR- Embrace the Pain :fire:
-Engulfing- Faisor :zap: (A) [after exiting Iron Bear, do not consume ammo for 5 seconds)
-Molten- Faisor :fire: (A) [ASE, apply terror to yourself very 5 seconds for the next 18 seconds]
-Negating- Faisor :snowflake:
-Arctic Relentless- Kaos :snowflake: (A) [while auto bear is active, regen 8% of mag per second]
-Double Penetrating Shredded- Laser-Sploder :snowflake:
-Double Penetrating Potent- Laser-Sploder :biohazard:
-Double Penetrating Potent- Laser-Sploder :fire:
-Itchy Cocky- Laser-Sploder :radioactive: (A) [65% bonus rad during game burst]
Lucian’s Call :biohazard: (A) [After phasegrasping, get + weapon accuracy and handling]
Lucian’s Call :snowflake: (A) [when SNTNL is out deal 50% bonus cryo]
-Engulfing Krovvy- Ogre (x2 projectiles)
Rowan’s Call :fire:
-Engulfing- Shredifier :snowflake: [ASE, deal 125% more to badass etc enemies]
-Engulfing- Super Shredifier (A) [ASE 125% to badass etc] x2 projectile
-Engulfing- Super Shredifier :biohazard: (A) [ASE 125% to badass etc] x2 projectile
-Engulfing- Super Shredifier :zap: (A) [ASE, next 2 mags have 50% bonus incendiary]
-Engulfing- Super Shredifier :fire: (A) [ASE, next 2 mags have 50% bonus shock]


-Deluxe- Baby Maker ++ :snowflake: (A) [ASE next 2 mags have 50% bonus shock]
-Unlimited- Baby Maker ++
-Unending- Bone Shredder :fire: (A) [ASE next 2 mags have 50% bonus cryo]
-Dastardy- Maggie (A) [While Terrified, deal 50% bonus cryo]
The Flood (A) [ASE, next 2 mags have 50% bonus rad damage]
-Pointy- Linoge :biohazard: (A) [ASE, next 2 mags have 50% bonus rad]
-Pointy- Linoge :biohazard:
-Moar- Linoge :fire:
-Pointy- Psycho Stabber (A) [after Phaseslam, +200% melee]
Queen’s Call :biohazard:
-Double Penetrating Potent- Roisen’s Thorns :biohazard:
-Terminal- Sellout lvl 26
-Shocking- AAA :zap: (A) [ASE, next 2 mags have 50% bonus shock]
-Trick- Unforgiven (A) [ASE, Weapon damage is increased by 100%]


-Arctic Reflexive- Night Hawkin :snowflake: & :fire: (A) [ASE, 125% more damage to badass etc]
-Auditing- Crossroad :snowflake:
-Hostile- Crossroad :fire: (A) [ASE, gain 15% Life Steal for a short time or ASE, weapon damage is +100%]
-Binary Mocking- Cutsman :fire: (A) [ASE, 125% more to badass etc]
-Binary Mocking- Cutsman :zap: (A) [ASE, weapon damage is increased by 100%]
-Firesale- Long Musket ++ :fire: (A) [ASE, next 2 mags have 50% bonus cryo]
-Sublime- Westergun :fire: & :biohazard:

-DP- Bangstick
-Redundant- Brainstormer :zap: (A) [ASE, next 2 mags have 50% bonus incendiary]
-Auditing- The Butcher :snowflake:
-Defrauding- The Butcher :biohazard: (A) [ASE, next 2 mags have bonus corrosive]
-Holistic- The Butcher (A) [ASE, next 2 mags have bonus corrosive]
-Influential- The Butcher (A) [ASE, weapon accuracy and handling greatly increase]
-Subsidized The Butcher (A) [terror extra projectile chance]
-Subsidized The Butcher :fire: (A) [after iron bear, 40% bonus incendiary for next 2 mags]
-Hostile- Conference Call :fire:(A) [while Terrified, deal 50% bonus cryo]
-Redundant- Face-puncher
-Deep Dive- Face-puncher (A) [melee attack’s have 25% chance to apply terror]
-Super Frozen- Everblast XL :snowflake: <4 homing MIRV>
-Deluxe- Everblast ++ <4 homing MIRV>
-Hostile Essential- Fearmonger :fire: [while terrified, deal 50% bonus cryo]
-Hostile- Fearmonger (A) :fire: [while terrified, chance to fire extra projectile]
-Auditing- Fearmonger :snowflake: (A) [while terrified, have a chance to fire extra projectile]
-Burning- Flakker :fire:
-Cocky- Flakker (A) [ASE, next 2 mags have 50% bonus cryo damage]
-Speedloadn’- Hell Walker :fire: (A) [while auto bear is active, deal 20% bonus fire]
-DP- Redline
-Binary Compressing- Trevonator :snowflake: & :zap:(A) [ASE fire rate and reload speed increased]

-Super- Everblast ++ <262x16, 13 mag size> (A) [After Exiting Iron Bear, gain 120% splash damage for 18 seconds]
A few everblasts with 4 homing MIRVs (kinetic, cryo, corrosive)


-Annexed- Lyuda :fire:
-Annexed Resolute- Lyuda
-High Capacity Nikble- Stalker :snowflake: (A) [while terrified, gain increased crit damage]

—————Rocket Launcher—————
Ruby’s Wrath (A) [ASE, next 2 mags have bonus 50% cryo dam]
-Burning- Scourge :fire:
-Annexed- Jericho :radioactive: (A) [after exiting Iron bear, next 2 mags have 40% bonus fire]
-Stuffed Shredded- Lump :snowflake:
-Shredded- Hedgehog (A)[ASE next 2 mags have 50% bonus incendiary] - does the same as the quickie but better imo

The Transformer (A) [While Terrified, gain ammo Regen]
The Transformer (A) [ASE, apply terror]
-Hotfoot- Re-charger <+10% move speed while full, +8% Health and 17% resist to last damage>
-Scrambling- Rough Rider <+23% reload speed & +10 move speed while depleted>
-Brawler- Ward (A) [200% melee after Phaseslam] <300% melee while depleted>


-Cloning- Hex :zap:
-Recurring- Hex :zap: (A) [ASE, apply terror]
-Recurring- Hex :snowflake: (A) [ASS, regen 1 grenade]
-Recurring- Hex :radioactive: (A) [ASS, regen 1 grenade]
-Large Diluvian- Contact Grenade (A) [while terrified, gain health
-Cloning- Ghast Call :biohazard:
-Rain- Firestorm :fire:

——————Class Mod———————
-Blazing- Marksman +4 Scorching RPMs / +1 Redistribution
-Last Ditch Enhanced- Bloodletter +3 DM / +2 TRL <+31% Assault Rifle, 10% Cov dam, +1487 max health>
-Last-Ditch- Bloodletter +3 DM / +1 PS / +1 TRL <+25% weapon, +31% Assault Rifle, -19% recharge delay>
-Desperate Entrenched- Bloodletter <+25% weapon, +31% shotgun, +30% Grenade>
-Blood Sucking Charitable- Blast Master <+28% splash damage, +149 health regen, +30% grenade>
-Bashing Spirited- Infiltrator <+29% splash, +50% vladof acc, +20% reload>
-Flurrying Soliray- Breaker <+50% melee dam, +20% corrosive resist, +10% COV dam>
-Rope a dope- Breaker <+10% Hyperion dam, +31% sniper dam, +45 Hyperion crit]
-Rope a dope- Breaker <+32% weapon accuracy, +50% Tediore Acc, -18% damage reduction>
-Imbued Carpert Bombing- Elementalist <23% COV fire rate, +10% tedious weapon, +31% SMG dam]
-Thunderous- Nimbus <+33% weapon handling, +45% Hyperion crit, +15% vladof FR>
-Thunderous Tangled- Nimbus <+25% Weapon dam, +31% pistol damage, +31% shotgun dam>
-Primeval Meditative Phasezerker <+45% Dahl crit, +31% SMG dam, +45% jakobs crit>
-Primordial Phasezerker +5 Anima <action skill cooldown, sniper damage, weapon accuracy>
-Frenetic Giant Slayer- Bounty Hunter <+25% weapon damage, +31% Assault Rifle dam, +31% Sniper Rifle dam>


Atom Balm Otto Idol <+17% Assault Rifle dam, +33% AOE, +16% rad dam>
Cryo Stone Commander Planetoid <+30% grenade, +27% irradiate chance, +16% incendiary dam>
Cryo Stone White Elephant <+26% weapon acc, +27% electrocute chance, +14% reload speed>
Radiation Stone White Elephant
Ice Spiker Deathless <+17% shotgun, +40% mag, +27% cryo efficiency>
Ice Breaker Victory Rush <+16% cryo dam, +27% cryo efficiency, +8% move speed>
Grave <+40% FFYL time, +1487 max health>
Long Lasting Bullet Vamp <+21% AS cooldown, +40% mag, +16% Incendiary dam>
Elemental Projector Commander Planetoid <+33% AOE dam, +1666 shield, +14% reload speed>
Elemental Projector Victory Rush <+16% rad dam, +21% AS cooldown, +29% incendiary resist>
Flesh Melter Deathless <+40% mag size, +16% incendiary dam, +33% AOE dam>
Flesh Melter Victory Rush <+17% Assault Rifle Damage, +29% cryo resistance, +33% AOE damage>
Spark Plug Splatter Gun <+26% weapon acc, +33% AOE dam, +16% shock>
Radiation Stone Static Charge <+21% AS cooldown, +29% Corrosive resist, +16% rad dam>
Unleash the Dragon <+29% incendiary resist, +25% melee dam>


I have Maggie annointed with 2 mag for the queens call?

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Super shredifier shock trade to your fire.

Psn nat_zero_six

Awesome, add me and I’ll send it:

PSN: Chap_Hammersmith

Nice, added you!

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I have your Bloodletter. Trade for SNTNL Annointed cryo Lucian’s?

I have annointed corrosive maggie,trade your brawler ward.

PSN ID:kyonkyon44

Added you

Thanks you so much, very kind of you.


Hi, I’m interested in both the fire and shock cutsmans but I have none of your requested items =(
But I have an anointed shock cutsman (while auto bear is active, +20% incendiary)
Anointed the duc (ASE, +50% shock)
And also a corrosive butcher and corrosive lucians call? Would you be interested in any of these items?

Sure i’ll Take the corrosive Butcher. Let me know your PSN and I’ll send the items

Im interested in the Annexed Jericho. Ive got a Transformer Annointed Movement Speed (if this is what youre looking for?). Ive also got a Terror Annointed Lyuda and a couple class mods youre missing.

Sent the Jericho to you. No need to trade anything back mate!

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Hi! if i could bother you for an item please!
Desperate Entrenched- Bloodletter <+25% weapon, +31% shotgun, +30% Grenade>
psn Darnath Snowstalker

thank you!!

Sorry I’ve been away from borderlands, but my psn is bbopz

Sent FR to you both

i don’t believe I have any of your wants at the moment but should you be willing to part with the Frenetic Giant Slayer Mod and Anointed Arctic Reflexive Hawkin that would be great. If not no worries… happy to provide you what you ask should I come across in my travels. Cheers.

The two Cutsman should be waiting for you in the mail!

Np, add me and i’ll send the items