Raging Furnace - Ambra PVP Build Guide (Updated on 1.05)

(alltheshinies) #1

I made a build for Ambra called “Raging Furnace”. Here’s the guide I made for it!


Character Rank 12 (Stellar Ritual helix)

Helix Selections:

1 - (LEFT) Sunspotter
2 - (LEFT) Blessing of the Sun
3 - (MIDDLE) Stellar Ritual
4 - (MIDDLE) Ritual of Repulsion
5 - (LEFT) Cauterization
6 - (LEFT) Agile Anomaly
7 - (MIDDLE) Radiant Halberd
8 - (RIGHT) Fan the Flames
9 - (LEFT) Howling Wind
10 - (LEFT) Impact Crater

Incursion/Meltdown Gear:

◄Massage Bots►
+14.00% Heal Power

◄Shard of Jennar►
+7.80% Skill Damage
+6.00% Heal Power
Ambra Only: The Staff of Radiance slowly generates its own Heat.

◄Symbiotic Gauntlet►
+8.84% Attack Damage
+204 Maximum Health
Gain up to +8.84% Attack Damage based on current percentage of max health.

Face-Off Gear:

◄Massage Bots►
+14.00% Heal Power

◄Shard of Jennar►
+7.80% Skill Damage
+6.00% Heal Power
Ambra Only: The Staff of Radiance slowly generates its own Heat.

◄Duelist Glove►
+9.10% Attack Damage

Capture Gear:

◄Massage Bots►
+14.00% Heal Power

◄Cognitive Predictor►
+9.10% Skill Damage

◄Duelist Glove►
+9.10% Attack Damage

(TitiShu) #2

Nice guide you could have maybe talk about some alternative (in some game i take other helix than usual)

Like taking the “Radiant Gale” or “Ritual of Repulsion” (lvl4 left and mid) when they have too many melee specialy rath (with is ultimate)… you loose some DPS but you gain a really good CC (i really often save allies from being killed by melee with that) and it synergise pretty well with your ultimate as you can push them back in the “Extinction Event” if they see it and prefer to fight you than run in it

For item i would suggest the Voxis Core (Shield Strenght, Skill DMG and 15% more dmg as AOE)
Did you test attack speed ? It’s pretty fun with the level 7 helix ranged attack (but just for fun)

(alltheshinies) #3

Honestly, the only other helix I take on occasion is the ability to heal my allies over lifesteal which I talked about in the guide but it’s rare for me to do that.

I played around with Radiant Gale and Ritual of Repulsion but I just can’t justify taking them over that increased damage on Solar Wind. Sure, it leaves me more susceptible to Rath’s Ultimate but outside of that I never really find myself in need to create space or die. In most situations I just fall back and heal. I know some people like to set up ult hits with Radiant Gale but I have zero issues getting people with my ult and knocking back the enemy can be problematic at times.

I tried a lot of gear combinations including attack speed but the cooldown reduction and the faster return of shields wins out for me. I play this build to be a constant nuisance and having those abilities available more often and my shield coming back so fast just lets me continuously harass the other team. If I was going to switch out a piece it’d be the Mending Remedy Box but I do like falling back into that long range dps/healer role at the end of the game. Voxis Core could be interesting if I wanted to continue to be super aggressive the entire match.

(Vech24) #4

Guides need more love in these sub forums so I’m giving this a shoutout.


I used Solar Flare upgrades when I was trying to get her lore done, now I only use them if I play Meltdown/Capture (I love chasing down squishes burning them the whole time).

However I believe the beauty of Ambra is the many options she has to alter her helix to suit the map and team composition, then make on-the-fly adjustments as well.

For instance, I used to only chose Blood Drive (the +15% life steal bonus on the staff). Lately though I have been using Ceremonial Sacrifice (transfer life to other players at cost your own) more and more. Especially on incursion. The damage you take back is so minimal, it’s laughable. If your team is lacking healing, this can really help keep your team in the fight.

On that same note, I have been using Radiant Gale/Howling Wind more for incursion maps. Pushing the enemies back on lanes is invaluable for my team.

Again, I always used the take the Halberd upgrade because mini-nova’s are amazeballs. Now I sometimes take the Flame Staff, especially on capture. When melee’s get in my grill on a capture point, the surprise of me banging my staff on their heads and not being as squishy as they believed is very rewarding.

This is why I believe Ambra is in a good place and needs no more nerfs/buffs. Well I do think the initial staff drain life range needs to be fixed, but other than than, I am very happy with her.

(faveveid) #6

Haha you killed me in the video =) What`s your psn?

(alltheshinies) #7


Sorry I killed you. In retribution I slaughtered a small army of Ambras for my Galilea lore :stuck_out_tongue: Ambra has been punished for her crimes.

(Goldhawk1) #8

Even with this build, ambra is just way too weak. She’s a melee distance character that is sufficient at absolutely nothing. her heals are weak. If you lay a sun spot and dance around it people can just leave the area and now half your damage output is gone. You need to get into melee range to use her strikes until level 7 but even at level 7 they’re too weak to be any real threat. Her solar wind isn’t even good enough to kill minions unless you lay a sun spot first.

I don’t know what she’s supposed to be used for. She doesn’t deal enough damage, her sun spots last like 2 seconds no matter what which doesn’t maker her territorial what so ever, her heals are so weak. I just don’t understand.

(Vech24) #9

I had to change the way I played her. I spec the life steal beam to heal sunspots and you can battery them for quite a bit of healing across friendlies. I also take the Staff Pound morph now for push and spike damage because Solar Wind is terrible now.

I also have her legendary so I take the fireball mutation at Lvl 7.

(Goldhawk1) #10

Ah I see, this was back in may 27th. Surely they nerfed her?

(alltheshinies) #11

Don’t believe they nerfed her since I posted this. She was nerfed several times before the build but I don’t think she’s been changed since. I don’t know, I think she’s awesome. As a healer I agree that she’s weak which is why I play her as an aggressive attacker, only falling back into more of a healing role once I get level 7 and the legendary up. I mean, she still sprinkles heal around the battlefield and that can be super helpful, but yeah she’s no Miko It’s not that she’s a damage powerhouse it’s that she can apply constant pressure, she’s hard to hit, and she gets away easily with her shield when she’s low hp. Also if you get good with her Ult it can be devastating. Not the way I initially thought I’d be playing her but lots of characters end up being different than I first expected them to work for me. I personally do great with her.


Please explain your comment, “… Solar Wind is terrible now”. I just started playing Ambra today so I don’t know anything about her. What was Solar Wind like before?

(Goldhawk1) #13

You mean, like as in right now? You have to connect your tether by touching an enemy, then they can just walk backwards faster than you can keep up. Even if they didn’t it’s only 40 some damage per tick. Then you have to be touching them for the spear, which is literally her only saving grace. Her ultra is too easy to avoid, and her solar wind is laughably weak and has always been.

(Vech24) #14

It’s damage is lackluster beyond early minion clear. I forget the Beta values.

(alltheshinies) #15

I haven’t played her much since I posted this build since I’m usually working on the builds for new chars but unless they ninja-nerfed her, then yeah, in her current state. I actually made the build right after they made the range on her staff so short, and while it was super annoying, it was easy for me to deal with. The idea isn’t to just sit there beaming someone and expect them to die. It’s all about constant pressure, sunspots, flares, staff hits, all of it together is decent damage and if you get into trouble just get out of there and go heal up. As for the ult I show in the guide how I land it on people and it works on like 90% of the player base. Once you get that legendary you can just pelt them at distance with high damage fireballs forever if you prefer.

(alltheshinies) #16

I’ve updated the build guide for Version 1.05 of the game.

(Ambra's Arbiter) #17

Hey I added you to our chat. And good build. For the best character. She is the best don’t fight me