Raid Boss by Character Help/Thoughts

Guys, finally got an XBONE and the HC, I’m heavy back into BL2, and being the obsessive-compulsive achievement whore that I am, I’m in the process of re100%ing the game. This includes the “do all the side missions” achievements for all the DLC. My plan is to pick a character and a DLC and do all the side missions for that DLC in PT1 with said character, then when that character gets to level 50 or so, go back and finish up the raid boss(es) for that DLC.

So if you were doing this, which character with what kind of build would you choose for which raid boss? Sal is out, as he’s my main and already way overleveled for this approach.

I’m just trying to not get into a situation where I’m slogging through a DLC on normal mode or TVHM with a level 72 Sal getting 1xp per enemy, just to be able to solo a level 50 raid boss to get the achievement. This seems so boring, and I’d like to keep myself challenged and interested.

Does this make sense? Thoughts?


If that’s what you want then try to do the raid bosses when you finish each mode rather than going back with a max character. I know in normal the Ancient Dragons in the Tiny Tina dlc max out at level 35 (not counting what Boost might do for them). Just take your next character that reaches level 33-35 thru that dlc and fight them, along with the raid bosses in the other dlc and of course Terra (although in normal he’s still going to be level 50 I think, so good luck with that… :smile:). This keeps it challenging w/o having your character too overpowered for that mode. IIRC completing all the challenges in any side area/dlc keeps them completed if you start TVHM so why not try to complete as many as possible while in normal?