Raid boss dlc existential crisis

Where is it? And if it doesn’t exist what is Mister Torgue going to do to you gearbox?

Really, haha. Where is it?
Where is it.

Why else buy a dlc?


There’s one in the takedown. Not all DLCs need to have raid bosses.


A lot of people are asking for a raid boss that doesn’t require a takedown. Hopefully Gearbox at least gives us one at some point, but the way they announced the Takedown makes it seem like that won’t be the case.

Which sucks.

I want a normal raid boss.

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Give me myyyy mooonnnneeyyy

Only if they’re balanced right like terramorphous was. Fighting Hypwrious or Master Gee was more of a chore that couldn’t be done unless you had a specific build or some exploit. No one likes getting wiped by a Nova that covers the entire arena and will instantly destroy you as you try and widdle away their shield and health.


I do. Make it harder. I wanna cry as it…

No I really just buy the dlc for the great story line. Those zany characters and their antics. Hahaha

Real question… when will that special door open? Vermi is waiting!


You have to kill all the spectators in carnivora to spawn that raid boss. Sometimes it glitches and they spawn behind the entrance. If this happens reset and try again.

I’ve actually done this back when I was seeking a way to open that door and nothing happened.

Lol me too.