Raid boss group

Im looking for people to do all raid bosses with me and hunt for legendaries my psn is byopolarbear message me if you are interested

I’m only level 50 but I could try to help!

What class are you?

I’m not online all the time but I’m deffo up for some raid boss action and farming when I am online. I’m an op1 gaige btw my psn is Wookin_Awesome if u wanna add me for when I am online?

Assassin :confused:

Im down for some raids add up klock-work420 if u need an extra guy on pretty well everyday i have op 8 maya, sal, and gaige also some lower leveled guys

Add me too
Whenever I’m on I’ll play. Let Yolo mc swag play too for experience!

BTW I’m op8 gunzerker, assassin