Raid Boss Ideas: Update, Gruff McGrufferson the Invincible added

[SIZE=“30”]Astriperditor the Invincible[/SIZE]

Background: Currently the oldest and largest thresher on record, Astriperditor is rumored to be the oldest thresher in existence. Its abnormal biology is believed to originate from constantly living in the presence of moonstone.

Appearance: Astriperditor is a mutated thresher of unprecedented proportions, being multiple (4-5) times the size of Terramorphous. Astriperditor possesses multiple structural differences from any other thresher; it naturally possesses a rocky shell, studded with what appears to be large moonstones. The entire front of its head is elongated, sharpened and permanently covered in forward facing crystal outcrops. Webbing links the bases of its 10 predominant tentacles. The top of its head is covered in crystalline structures comparable to coral branches in appearance, instead of plants. There are 8 eye clusters on either side of the head. The general colour scheme is a light-blue gray and glowing cyan, with details of purple, black and navy blue.

Attacks: Aside from typical melee attacks, dives and dart throwing, Astriperditor also possesses a number of unique attacks. One of the more common being a spiraling-charge, turning it into a giant, crystal tipped drill. When the shell is still present, it will occasionally rip off a crystal and throw it at you. The crystal itself has medium impact damage, but it will explode for high non-elemental damage after 5 seconds; this leaves a temporary hole behind which exposes its flesh, the hole lasts for 7s before closing up.

Unique crystal threshers are spat out frequently through out the whole fight, crystal threshers have a weak ranged attack and prefer to chase you to strike you with their tendrils. Astriperditor can also fly up instead of diving into the ground, all of its tentacles retract before doing this. When midair, it can either rain more darts at you, create a huge laser array with its predominant tentacles or fire an enormous one from its head that leaves behind a shock AoE effect for 6s. Without its shell, it can spawn smaller, secondary tentacles; these either do melee/fire darts, fire shock beams, emit a shock AoE (only generated 4s seconds after coming above ground) or emit a singularity.

Behaviour: Initially, Astriperditor is immune to all forms of damage due to its shield, the rocky outer shell. In order to expose it, it must be tricked into charging into the arena’s walls or outcrops; this must be done twice to destroy the shell. It can be provoked into doing a charge by shooting it. While its shell is intact, its drill charges are relatively slow, but maneuverable; it also infrequently flies up instead of diving and doesn’t float particularly high up or for a lengthy duration.

When the shell is lost, Astriperditor will become more aggressive and mobile, as well as start summoning secondary tentacles. Its charge attack moves much faster, but can’t maneuver as well; tricking it into ramming a wall or outcrop will stun it for a short period. During this stage, its critical hit spots are available in the form of eye clusters along either side of its head. These, alongside the secondary tendrils are the only parts of Astriperditor that can be frozen. Frozen eyes will shatter after taking sufficient damage, Astriperditor flinches when an eye cluster is shattered. It will fly up more frequently during this stage. When Astriperditor is killed, it will regurgitate 3 Dahl cargo ships, each filled with red and moonstone Dahl chests.

Location: Celestial Canyon, accessed from Vorago Solitude. Celestial Canyon is filled with threshers, including cystal threshers. At the end of the canyon is an enormous pit which acts as the arena for the fight. The pit is filled with multiple large rock and crystal outcrops and regenerative, destructible crystals which give ammunition, as well as a low chance of releasing moonstone. The pit’s floor is lined with numerous cracks which vent out oxygen from below. In the center of the pit is an effigy where 30 moonstone is offered to summon Astriperditor; it can be replaced after fighting him from a pile near the pit walls. A blocked geyser below the entrance to pit is the way of getting out.

Loot: Guaranteed to drop several blue quality equipment, one purple equipment and 25-40 moonstone in total, high chance to drop more purple equipment, greatly increased chance to drop the Star Of Death.

Star Of Death: Twinkle twinkle, giant mechanical star. Tediore shotgun with fixed Torgue barrel. Expends two ammo to fire an enormous elemental beam for 10s. On reload throw, the gun generates a large singularity for 6s before exploding. Semi-automatic, reduced fire rate, high-elemental chance, only found in shock or cryo, reduced magazine size, massively increased reload explosion damage and blast radius, reload always does explosive damage. Comes in a unique, reflective metal skin.

Trivia: Astriperditor translates approximately to 'star destroyer or one who ruins/destroys stars.

[SIZE=“30”]DMSS ‘The Invincible’[/SIZE]

Background: A venerable Dreadnaught-class starship that has serviced the Dahl military force for almost a century; it ended up under the command of Tungsteena Zarpedon during her presence on Elpis and became abandoned like the rest of the Lost Legion. Since the death of its Colonel, it’s drifted aimlessly until the Vault Hunters summon it down, fighting them to the death with nothing left to lose.

Appearance: The Invincible is an enormous military warship, comparable in size to a town. It has a very box-like shape with various parts integrated and attached onto it. On either side are two enormous, cylindrical engines with a Dahl turret fixed on top of each. Concealed in the ship’s underside is a secondary engine set that is only deployed when the ship loses two of its primary engines. The secondary engine covers most of the ship’s underside and composes of three enormous, shallow, conical engines, similar to those on rockets. Various weapons, ranging from SAMs to mini-nuke deployers are concealed in either side of the hull, using retractable panels.

Attacks: The Invincible’s most common attacks consist of either a large scale missile barrage or firing several laser at the player with somewhat delayed tracking. Occasionally, a Lost Legion Stingray is deployed against you and rarely, a Badass Stingray. Stingrays are armed with a heavy duty laser in place of either cryo missiles or flak. They usually keep a distance and attempt to slam you when you get close. The Invincible will sometimes drop several mini-nukes on you; these mini nukes will bounce around for approximately 6s before detonating, they can be prematurely detonated by shooting them, causing a less powerful explosion which can also harm Lost Legion troops.

When one primary engine is lost, rail guns will start being used. When The Invincible starts using the rail guns, it will slow down to get a better aim; rail guns fire high-yield explosives which detonate on impact and with extreme velocity. A laser pointer indicates where exactly the rail guns are aiming at; the rail guns can also be shot at to disrupt their aiming. When The Invincible is using its secondary engine, it will start deploying Interceptors. Interceptors function similarly to Fighters, but they lack the huge laser beams, mine deploying and fighter crew dropping that Fighters have. Instead, they move faster and attack while moving, however, they’re weaker, compared to Fighters.

Behavior: At the start of the fight, The Invincible will fly over the area, frequently doing its attacks. The entire hull only takes 10% of all damage, barring its primary engines which take 100% and can receive critical hits by shooting up into their turbines. Each engine has a turret mounted on top for defending them, these can be destroyed but they will be digistructed back in place later. When an engine is lost, The Invincible loses some speed and altitude. The Invincible will attack more frequently as it loses an engine. When 2 primary engines are lost and its secondary engine is active, The Invincible merely drifts over the area. The secondary engines receive full damage and take critical hits by firing directly into one of the ports. When The Invincible is defeated, it crashes into the ground, along of several escape pods flying off. Large doors on either side open up to reveal a cargo bay, containing numerous Dahl chests, ranging from blue to moonstone.

Location: The Shipyard, entered from Triton Flats. The Shipyard is a large, Dahl occupied dock with several Dahl warships docked. The entire area is fixed onto the edge of an enormous plain. The Invincible is summoned by entering the dock’s control tower and inputting 25 moonstone to message The Invincible. The ship will then FTL travel to the docks and fly over to the plains where you’ll fight it. The plains themselves have numerous destructible meteor fragments which have a high chance of dropping ammo. The plains also has numerous oxygen vents and blocked geysers that CQC players can use to get close to the engines.

Loot: High chance to drop blues, relatively high chance to drop purples, purple equipment has a low chance to be a Bullet Hell instead. Guaranteed to drop 25-40 moonstone.

Bullet Hell: Embodies a simple philosophy. Scav assault rifle with fixed Vladof spinigun barrel. Fires 15 energy projectiles in a wide horizontal spread at the cost of 1 ammo, projectiles pierce through enemies. Decreased damage, significantly decreased projectile speed, nonexistent spool time, extremely high fire rate, significantly increased magazine size, reduced reload speed. AR ammo pool regenerates 2.5% of itself per second while equipped.

[SIZE=“30”]F0RT-R3SS th3 1NVINC1BL3[/SIZE]

Background: An enormous robot who’s design is heavily based around the prototype constructor, the F0RT-R3SS was built to be the prototype of what would be the vanguard of Jack’s loader army.

Appearance: F0RT-R3SS resembles an especially large, legless constructor which is expanded horizontally, giving it an appearance similar to the BNK-3R. It also has wings which can tuck into the sides. On either side of its optic and at the back are ports where F0RT-R3SS can digistruct autoturrets. 3 Thrusters are located on its underside and a pair of larger ones are mounted on the back.

Attacks: F0RT-R3SS’s primary attacks are to either fire a volley of missiles out of the vent on top or fire an incendiary beam at you if it’s flying low. Frequently, F0RT-R3SS will attempt to digistruct 3 combat loaders which have a rare chance to be a SRG loader, an ION loader or a BUL loader, they’re more frequently GUN loaders and EXP loaders; shooting its optics repeatedly will interrupt the process, shooting them with a cryo weapon will freeze them, preventing it from digistructing loaders or using its beam attack. Sometimes, F0RT-R3SS will fly up before doing a flaming ground slam, indicated by a flaming ring generating around its underside. While flying low, F0RT-R3SS will frequently generate autoturrets in its turret ports. While flying high, F0RT-R3SS will constantly bombard you with mines and occasionally spawn surveyors to harass you and heal it while it’s flying low. When 50% of its health is lost, it will fly low permanently and deploy its main cannon. Its main cannon is capable of multiple firing modes, either firing bursts of explosive laser blasts, arcing energy balls which explode in a large blast radius, shotgun-like blasts of lasers or slow firing, piercing railgun-like shots which possess high velocity; the firing mode depends on your proximity to F0RT-R3SS and your proximity to allies.

Behavior: F0RT-R3SS will alternate between flying high and flying low. While flying high, F0RT-R3SS will fly in wide circles around you, changing its flight path if obstacles will get in the way. Its critical hit point is always exposed, but it’s much harder to hit while it’s flying high. When flying low, F0RT-R3SS will slowly orbit around a Vault Hunter, constantly facing them all the time or occasionally spin around and flying over their head to orbit another Vault Hunter. Sometimes, F0RT-R3SS will enter low flight by performing its ground slam attack.

Location: Aerodynamics Laboratory, entered from the Hyperion Hub of Heroism. The Aerodynamics Laboratory is only accessible after receiving the quest, “You Will Die, Version 2.0” from Jack. The Aerodynamics Laboratory is a small, square room with a doorway leading to an enormous, circular platform which is covered in a huge oxygen bubble; the platform has low gravity. F0RT-R3SS is summoned by giving 25 moonstone to a console near the platform’s doorway, F0RT-R3SS itself is digistructed in by a digistruction pole in the center.

Loot: F0RT-R3SS always drops a few blue rarity items and a purple rarity item,. Increased chance to either drop The Ant’s Nest shield or the Death From Above. Guaranteed to drop 25-40 moonstone.

The Ant’s Nest: Sting like a bullet ant. Hyperion amp shield. Always provides amp damage until the shield is fully depleted; amp damage is reduced by the percentage of the shield lost. Reduced amp damage, no amp shot drain, increased recharge delay and recharge rate.

Death From Above: Good thing nobody ever looks up. Hyperion barreled Torgue pistol. Consumes 4 ammo to fire a damage-less laser, marking enemies and surfaces. Enemies/surfaces which are marked will spawn a rocket high above a them which will immediately fly down at extreme velocity for high explosive damage in a large blast radius and release 5 child grenades which carry a third of the parent rocket’s damage and blast radius each. Reduced fire rate, no recoil, perfect accuracy.

[SIZE=“30”]Nemesis and Dikaiosyne the Invincible[/SIZE]
Background: Originally the twin Lieutenant Colonels Olivia and Jacques DuPont. When they received message that Colonel Zarpedon was killed, the two went to the Eridian guardians to beg for the power to destroy the Vault Hunters once and for all. Their promise was fulfilled, in exchange for serving as a sapient super weapon of the Eridians.

Appearance: Nemesis and Dikaiosyne appear largely identical. They don armor of Eridian origin, colour in varying shades of orange and cyan respectively. Their helmets resemble a mixture between a skull and a twin filter gas mask. Nemesis wields a polearm multiple times the length of her height, ending in an axe-like blade. Dikaiosyne uses an enormous rail cannon twice his size, equipped with a holographic sight.

Attacks: Nemesis primarily does rapid slashes and cleaves. Often, she’ll rapidly spin her polearm over her head and try to fly towards the player. Other times, Nemesis will throw her polearm with it spinning like a sawblade towards the player before teleporting somewhere else in the room. The sawblade will curve back towards the player if it misses, it’ll will do this several times before flying back towards Nemesis. While her polearm is flying around, Nemesis will fire off moon-shaped energy bolts or let off a fiery breath attack if the player is close. At 50% health, Nemesis will start doing a charge attack which has a visible wind up, if the charge attack misses, her polearm will get stuck into either a wall or the floor. Nemesis will spend several seconds pulling it out which generates a small fire nova and causes to her to attack more quickly for a short duration, once she manages to pull out her polearm.

Dikaiosyne only attacks from a distance, firing off barrages of energy blasts. If the player gets too close, Dikaiosyne will let off a small nova that knocks back the player. Sometimes, Dikaiosyne will charge up his cannon for several seconds before firing off a high-powered beam which has reduced tracking speed for a lengthy duration. All surfaces hit by the beam will be electrified for several seconds. Dikaiosyne will also occasionally fire a large homing projectile which automatically explodes after several seconds of flight, a large shock AoE is left behind after detonation for a relatively long time. When Nemesis is at 50% health, Dikaiosyne will slowly heal her with a healing beam from his cannon, his shields will drop during this time and leave him vulnerable. Dealing enough damage to him will force him to stop healing Nemesis and reactivate his shield. Dikaiosyne will also start firing shots at the ceiling when Nemesis reaches 50% health. Shots fired directly at the ceiling will shatter on impact and rain down in a scatter of pulse beams. When Nemesis is killed, Dikaiosyne will become more aggressive and attack faster. Dikaiosyne also gains a new attack where he generates a huge energy lance out of his cannon’s barrel before cleaving it into the ground, generating a huge rift that emits a vertical aura that blocks player projectiles and causes constant damage. Rifts only exist for a short time and only one exists at a time.

Behavior: While Nemesis is alive, Dikaiosyne will possess a shield that is immune to all forms of attack, including the Longnail. Nemesis will favor staying in close range with the player, whereas Dikaiosyne will try to maintain a distance with the player whilst firing barrages from his cannon. When Nemesis is killed, Dikaiosyne will lose his shield and become much more aggressive is combat style.

Location: The Vessel of Vengeance, entered from Eleseer. The Vessel of Vengeance can only be opened once the campaign is completed. The Vessel of Vengeance is a huge cylindrical chamber with a wide pathway spiraling down, similar to Tycho’s Ribs, but with a thinner secondary cylinder in the center. The entire chamber has numerous Eridian guardians, Opha and rows of Onager turrets lining the walls. Nemesis and Dikaiosyne are accessed by filling a receptacle at the bottom of the room with 25 moonstone. The central cylinder will be pulled down to reveal Nemesis and Dikaiosyne floating in the absolute center of the room, after which, they’ll become aggressive and fight you.

Loot: Guaranteed to drop a several blue rarity items or a few purple rarity items and 25-40 moonstone. Nemesis has an increased chance to drop the Grim Saber, Dikaiosyne has an increased chance to drop the Eridian Cannon.

Grim Saber: 25% off for suicidal mages. Splitter-barreled Maliwan laser. Expends 3 ammo to fire an expanding horizontal crescent which flies are high speed and pierces through enemies. Greatly increased damage, 300% damage against with more than 50% of their health remaining, reduced fire rate.

Eridian Cannon: Back and better than before! Tediore launcher with Maliwan barrel. Expend 2 ammo to start up a brief firing sequence before firing a large purple rocket; leaves behind an enormous AoE on reload throw. Increased magazine size, massively increased velocity, splash damage and blast radius, longbow effect on reload, guaranteed element.

[SIZE=“30”]The Invincible Sentry[/SIZE]
Background: Originally the Empyrean Sentinel who’s sole purpose was to to guard the Vault of Elpis, now tuned up to be a cybernetic badass for the sake of our entertainment in the Holodome.

Appearance: Holds a strong resemblance to the original Empyrean Sentinel, his Eridian markings are now replaced with markings resembling circuitry. His arms are replaced with much larger, cybernetic arms with a row of electrodes extending from the sides of his forearms which connect to his markings; the palms of his hands have a huge glowing port each which connect to his markings too. His back would be modified to hold a cybernetic hive’s nest of missile ports of varying diameter. Mounted on either shoulder are a second, smaller pair of cybernetic arms which end in massive chain guns. He only has one mask which is identical to the Empyrean Sentinel’s first one, but the face beneath resembles a skull more and has one of its eyes replaced with a large, three-lensed optic. Markings are a bright, glowing cyan and cybernetics are a gun metal gray, skin is deeper shade of purple.

Attacks: A common and basic attack is a ground slam with its fists, this attack will send the Vault Hunter high into the air if it’s close to the epicenter of the attack; sometimes, this is followed up by Sentry rapidly slamming the ground which will knock the Vault Hunter up to a lesser degree than the initial slam, this occurs more frequently when the mask is destroyed. Another common attack is to fire a huge shock laser from both hands towards the ground, these temporarily electrocute the ground hit for several seconds. A less frequent attack is to directly fire a barrage of explosive shells at the Vault Hunter, using his secondary arms, this is more likely to occur if the ground slams and large lasers infrequently hit the Vault Hunter. An uncommon attack that the Invincible Sentry does is fire an enormous barrage of missiles towards the sky which rain down on the ground; if they miss, they become proximity mines which automatically detonate after 7s, the chance of them becoming ground mines or air mines at varying degrees of elevation being random. The least common attack is to fire an enormous, slow-moving homing nuke which spawns smaller ones as it flies, this can be detonated by firing at it and will hurt Sentry is it’s detonated close to his face.

When his mask is destroyed, Sentry will do more direct attacks more frequently and gain two new attacks. One new attack is to fire a barrage of colourful energy spheres from its electrodes which detonate into omnidirectional bursts of lasers of random elements on impact. The other new attack is to emit multiple waves of slow moving fire balls from its mouth, the fireballs rebound off surfaces/enemies twice.

Behavior: While Sentry is still alive, random non-badass, non-armored enemies are spawned constantly, ranging scavs to Eridian guardians. When his mask is destroyed, Sentry will use direct attacks more frequently and attack more aggressively. Longnail isn’t capable of bypassing his shield. He only has two phases, compared to the Empyrean Sentinel.

Location: The Holodome, at the end of the Badass Round. Specifically, the Badass Round must be completed once, after that, a third button is available before the Badass Round starts; pressing this button gives away 25 moonstone. After Sentry is killed, 4 red Dahl chests are digistructed into the arena.

Loot: Sentry is guaranteed to drop either several blue rarity items or a few purple rarity items. Increased chance to drop either the Homer pistol or the Magus SMG. Also guaranteed to drop 25-40 moonstone.

Homer: There won’t be any dohs with this. Jakobs barreled Vladof pistol. Fires 5 bullets simultaneously which move with extremely reduced velocity for a few seconds before homing in on the closest enemy with drastically increased velocity. Decreased fire rate and accuracy, increased damage and magazine size. Credit to Ryoushinteki for the idea.

Magus: Perpetually stolen from by a witch. Maliwan barreled Scav SMG. Projectile behavior varies, depending on element. A fire Magus fires slow moving miniature Suns which have a strong singularity effect and AoE effect, miniature suns detonate after existing for a certain period of time. Reduced bullet speed, consumes 4 ammo per shot, guaranteed 100% elemental effect chance. Corrosive Magus fires in an arcing spray of acid which leaves behind a trail of acid on impact with either a surface or after a certain distance. Perfect accuracy, increased firing speed and 33% reduced ammo consumption. Shock Magus is semi-automatic and fires an instantaneous lightning bolt, holding down the trigger consumes extra extra ammo, up to 6 rounds for increased damage. 100% chance of spawning with a scope, 200% ADS zoom, perfect accuracy, +200% additive crit damage, +50% multiplicative crit damage, reduced fire rate and massively increased damage. Cryo Magus fires a cluster of 24 pellets which move in the shape of an animated tornado. Consumes 6 ammo per shot, massively increased elemental effect chance, pellets pierce enemies, slightly increased fire rate. All Magus have an increased magazine size and reduced reload speed.

[SIZE=“30”]Gruff McGrufferson the Invincible[/SIZE]
Background: An action hero-wannabe who was widely regarded as the densest person in the 6 colonized galaxies. When he heard of the Vault Hunters’ exploits on Elpis, he decided to take the self-imposed challenge of defeating them all, regardless of how many times he would respawn before achieving his goal.

Appearance: A large, muscly man with a build similar to a Bruiser; he has a highly exaggerated chin and a perpetual scowl like he has a constipation. He wears a red bandanna over long, greasy black hair and forest camouflage trousers over black combat boots. He carries two unique Vladof assault rifles which are skinned and parted to resemble an AK-47.

Attacks: Normally, Gruff constantly fires his assault rifles at a Vault Hunter; these have an infinite magazine and increased fire rate at the cost of accuracy. Sometimes, he will swap to a rocket launcher and fire one shot before continuing fire; the rocket homes in on the player to a degree, but can be shot out of the air. Sometimes, he will stand still for a few seconds, flex his arms back and let out a very loud growl, releasing a radial nova that knocks back the player and stuns them if they’re close enough. Rarely, he will leap at the player and attempt a chain of punches on them, regardless of whether or not the player is in range. If there is a large distance between him and the players, he will spawn a military truck out of no where and attempts to ram the closest player with it; he can be tricked into ramming a wall or obstacle while driving, exploding the truck in the process and stunning him for a small duration.

Behavior: Gruff constantly walks to the closest character, firing at them without stopping. At 75%, 50% and 25% of health, he throws down a smoke grenade and spawns 4 allies who look and act near identically to him, but only have the health of a lunatic. This will also spawn a Love Interest; the Love Interest dies instantly from any attack. If the Love Interest is killed, Gruff will turn red from anger and favor meleeing the player over shooting, as well as a gain a large shield; breaking the shield returns him to normal. All homing capabilities prioritize Gruff and his friends over the Love Interest. As he reaches each stage of health, he gains a small increase in movement speed and fire rate and will act more aggressively.

Location: Da Badss Bar, in Concordia. Specifically, a cellar door in Moxxi’s Up Over Bar. To access this, the player must take the mission Death Match from the Concordia bounty board where he will challenge you to a fight. In Da Badss Bar, there is a small area where the bar itself is overlooking a crude arena and connected via a ladder. The fight is ‘signaled’ to Gruff by smashing 25 moonstone over his head in the arena. After the fight is won, several red Dahl chests are dropped into the arena.

Loot: Guaranteed to drop 25-40 moonstone, several pieces of blue-rarity equipment and a few pieces of purple rarity equipment. Guaranteed to drop either a Whatchamacallit pistol or a Phalanx shield.

Whatchamacallit: Whatcha doin’? Vladof barreled Scav pistol which changes form based on the previous damage taken. Taking non-elemental damage changes the weapon into a pistol, pistol fires a shotgun spread of 6 bullets for the price of 2, enemies hit by the bullets explode in a large life-stealing nova if killed within a few seconds, nova doesn’t have friendly fire damage. Being hit by incendiary damage changes the weapon into a Jakobs barreled shotgun, shotgun has increased pellet count and fire rate and produces a friendly EXP Loader on kill. Being hit with corrosive damage changes the weapon into a Torgue barreled assault rifle, increased fire rate and reload speed, consumes 2 ammo per shot and has a 33% chance to produce a singularity effect on hit. Being hit with shock damage changes the weapon into into a rocket launcher, severely reduced rocket velocity, massively increased damage and splash radius, increased reload time, only inflicts 10% self-damage, 100% movement speed in flight for your life while equipped.

Phalanx: YOU get a turret! And YOU get a turret! EVERYBODY gets turrets! Dahl booster shield, small increase in chance to drop a booster. Spawns Sabre turrets instead of boosters which possess the Phalanx shield effect and rapidly regenerate up to 25% of your shield upon entering the Phalanx shield. Maximum of 6 turrets can be out, when the booster shield effect procs, the oldest one is destroyed.

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In the words of optimus prime: I’LL TAKE YOU ALL ON!


Enemy: sledge’s butler
Stragey:a lot like sledge but with the exception of jumping and using a special rocket launcher/ laser/ shotgun combo. Likely to drop sledge shotty (which is very good)

Sorry but it’s going to have to be more unique than that to be included, since the point of this thread is to come up with really interesting raid bosses and give them unique and potent loot to drop to make it worth it.

Eridian weapons should spawn with all eridian parts ie “Eridian barrel” “Eridian Sight”

unless you got back story for the manufacturers.

Also, since you like laser so much and I don’t blame you because they seem like they are cool.

About a laser pistol that when you shoot it three projectiles come out and pause in fro t of you, lock on to three targets and then split into three more projectiles just before homing in on each locked on target.

The Eridian Cannon is Eridian in name only. Though I could change it to have an e-tech barrel if that makes more sense. I do like the sound of that pistol, it sounds like the Wanderlust/Seeker done right.

No, what we need is the titanfall smart pistol. Locks the n to all enemies crits then fires at all of them.

Or a satellite gun that has a charge time and then strikes the enemy with a highly intisified beam from above.

F0RT-R3SS th3 1NVINC1BL3 has something like that as one of its drops.

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Sounds like that one yugioh monster.

Which one?

The space station thing.

I know this is raid boss ideas but I’m just posting unique gun ideas for their drops.

What about a gun that transforms it’s shape? Like it can be any gun at any time?

Furthermore: it can change what element it is! If you receive fire damage it now becomes that element, corrosive damage its now corrosive element and so on so forth.

Take it further; each element could be a specific gun shape

Couple examples;
SMG shape when hit by fire
Shotgun shape when hit by corrosive

You could even give each shape unique effects

SMG increased Fire rate
shotgun increased projectiles
Sniper rifle increased zoom and accuracy

I think it would be a neat thing

If I can think of a new raid boss, I’ll give it something like that as a potential drop. It definitely sounds like a neat idea to me.

Colossus the Invincible.

Giant Loot Goliath, can only be damaged by crits to his tiny little head. Has standard rush attack, which inflicts bleed. His jump slam creates a giant shock nova. He can also throw his loot chest at you, dealing 100% explosive splash. (Chests can be opened). At 50% health, he levels up and regents all health.

He drops the Typhoon

Vladof shotgun
Fires in a huge spread, very high RoF.
Bullets that travel a certain distance without contact with an enemy will seem enemies with 100% accuracy, and gain a 30% damage boost.
Past a certain distance, damage is reduced to half.

Mob control from a distance:D. Gotta get it just right though, as like the flakker, to close or to far and you get nothing. But in the sweet spot, BOOM.

Can I ask how you managed to get coloured letters? As for your idea, I think he could use some more interesting changes, especially since I already have a raid boss based around a humanoid, which coincidentally also involves a lot of CQC.

I like him as he is. Maybe as a regular boss then. Colossus goliath.
And regular bbcode works now. [Color=]

Thanks for letting me know.

it was our christmas present:D

These ideas are awesome and incredibly in depth, great job. It would be super cool if they got added to the game. I assume the special weapons dropped by each boss would be legendary?