Raid boss question

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to defeat one, but just to prepare:

  1. Do Raid Bosses drop that special loot (legendary stuff) only in UVHM or do they also do that in their NVHM and TVHM incarnations?
  2. Are they level 50 in NVHM only, and 72 in TVHM and OP8 in UVHM?
  3. And so dependent on how question 2 is answered: 3a. Could a 72 level vault hunter be expected to solo a NVHM level 50 raid boss? 3b. would they then drop a level 50 version of their legendary good stuff?

Thank you very much in advance

  1. They do but the loot is scaled appropriately.

  2. Raid bosses are Terra (52 in Normal and TVHM) All DLC raid bosses (About 35 in Normal, 52 In TVHM) in UVHM they all scale to the highest player (up to OP8 at Level 82? I think since they are you level + 2 I think)

  3. A level 72 VH would destroy a level 50 raid boss. And yes they can drop all their loot (except Seraph crystals) in Normal or True Vault hunter mode but leveled to the playthrough.

From the wiki so I don’t know how much of this is guaranteed accurate but it’s a good guideline.

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  1. They only drop Seraph Crystals in UVHM. They’ll still drop legendaries in TVHM and NVHM.

  2. Not sure on the NVHM bit, I’m fairly sure they’re 50 in TVHM, but they only scale to OP8 (or the OP levels in general) if you do. The highest level they’ll go without OP levels is lvl72.

3a. Yes, I’m fairly sure you shouldn’t have any trouble.
3b. I believe so, as it is only UVHM (and maybe TVHM?) that scales items with you.

I think the term here is ninja’d.

Just to say this: even in normal Terra will still be level 52 and will drop level 50 gear, so if you have a problem facing him in TVHM just go back to normal- the level of the gear he drops (and that are in the chests in his cave) will be at least level 50. The main difference is the amount of health he has, which is far less in normal than the other two play modes…

OK cool thank you. I’m level 42 now, so conceivably, I could soon try my hand at the DLC bosses in normal?
When the missions are offered, they were shown as “impossible” to me (because they were 50). Or maybe I didn’t even bother looking because I assumed they were, since the 3rd tier of the biker brawl was already 50 when I was only 34…?

All of the raid bosses except Terra should be locked at level 35 in normal. It’s a guess on my part since the only raid bosses I’ve fought on normal are the Ancient Dragons- they’re usually levels 36-39 depending on if I let Boost use his ability so at level 50 you should be able to handle them- level 42+ might still be a bit of a struggle…

My understanding is that every directly accessible (i.e. not Vermiverous) raid boss costs eridium to fight. Personally I view backpack, bank, and ammo supply upgrades as far higher priorities, and those would require lots of eridium even well after hitting 72.

Or are there other exceptions to the eridium requirements, and/or bosses who reliably drop more eridium than one spent to start the fight? That’s been the reason I’ve never seriously considered trying any of the raid bosses, and don’t foresee being able to do so for a very long time if ever.

Without fighting a raid boss, how else would I obtain certain items such as a Legendary Psycho class mod? Or do those not drop from the NVHM raid boss incarnations?

The default Legendary Psycho mod can drop from “any suitable loot source”, including vendors, lootable containers of all kinds, enemies of any sort, or loot midgets. Loot midgets and red chests are generally your best bet. This applies to any game mode–normal, true, or ultimate.

If you have the second level-cap pack, the second-generation Legendary mods (for example, Legendary Torch, Legendary Reaper, and Legendary Sickle) only drop from Tubby enemies, and only after level 61.

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The dragons are pretty generous with the eridium, plus you have all of those dice chests you can loot afterwards.

Dexidious(?) costs the most at 100 (or is it 99?) eridium. The Ancient Dragons are next at 20 but you can easily get 70+ eridium after beating them. All other raid bosses except Vermeiverous cost 8 eridium to access and can leave at least that much behind so you kind of break even with them…

I’ve already beat Hyperius and Master Gee in NVHM w/ all 6 characters (and I was no higher than level 40 with the highest of them), and have done Pete the Invincible with Axton, Gaige, and Krieg so far (Maya is next, but I’m not there yet). You should be able to solo all of them (except Terra because he/she’s 52) in NVHM if you’re clever with your build (typically some means of health sustain is critical, but you also need enough DPS to win the DPS race against Hyperius for instance). I have uploaded vids of soloing Hyperius and Master Gee with Maya, Salvador, and Zer0 if your needing some insight into how to beat them.