Raid Boss Run, person needed

Hey there!
Last year I organized a so called “Raid Boss Run”. This is a run in which you and your teammates do a run on all the raid bosses in the game. It was tons of fun last time, so I thought “Why not do it a second time?” I still need for that. I need you. Interested? Send me a message on my GamerTag (listed below) containing your class, and why you want to join. The character I will be playing as is an OP8 Support Siren, and the other two will be playing as a commando and as a gunzerker, so I’d prefer it if you would play a different class. See you on the battlefield!
GamerTag: StormageddonNL

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I would be glad to participate if you are still
Interested in this. I have OP8 Axton and Sal. Either is fine.

My Gamertag is Los Serpientes.

yes i remember. I had a blast. I’d be willing to do it again. Currently having xboxlive issues. If I can message you on xboxlive, I will. Been having issues with that lately.