Raid Bosses Help

So I used to play this game back in the day, jumped back on the handsome jack collection. I wasn’t as crazy about it then as I am now and what I want to do is take on some raid bosses. I probably sound noob as hell, which is ok, but I am level 51 axton and I just want to see what these raid bosses are all about. Got super bored with destiny so I am looking to really get into this game. Sorry if this post is in the wrong area or is pointless, first time on these forums. Thanks in advance!

Go for it! It’s super fun!

Now, I could start telling you the best tactics for taking down each of them, but I don’t wanna spoil the experience. If you get stuck anywhere, just tell the people here in the forums, and you’ll get plenty of help.

Welcome back, mate!

I’m all about hard bosses, plus the loot included of course! I will definitely look for some help once I figure out how to work this forum better. I’m just looking to get a group and get some grinding down. Miss those days haha. Thanks for the reply too!

Each raid boss should be mentioned by a certain character after completeing the main game or dlc where they are. For Terramorphous talk to Doc Tannis after defeating Jack and the Warrior. For Hyperious and Master Gee, Shade in the Capt Scarlett dlc is the man to see (at least about Hyperious). For Voradicious talk to Sir Hammerlock after completing his dlc. Talk to Mr. Torgue in the Tiny Tina dlc after defeating the Handsome Sorcerer to reach the raid boss for that one. The Mr. Torgue dlc is the only one w/o a raid boss (although I’ve seen it theorized that Motor Mamma was supposed to be one). And as for Vermiverous- well, good luck with getting him to spawn. :weary:

Actually, Pete comes back as a raid boss. Talk to Moxxi after defeating Piston to open him up.

Ah perfect, this is very helpful! I will start leveling up my character and do some recruiting so I can start to experience these bosses. I appreciate the help from everyone, thanks once again!

What system are you on? I’m on ps4. I’d love to get in a group. I’m 51 as well. PSN A_Farewell_Fix for anyone trying to start a group

Ah sadly, in this case, I’m on Xbox one. Just finished True Vault Hunter Mode and am going to start leveling this dude up. My GT is WoofinAintEazy if anyone on Xbox one is looking to group up as well.

Whoops- totally forgot about Pete- I stand corrected… :flushed:

Speaking of pyro pete I’m farming him on ultimate vault hunter op8 if anyone wants in I’m playing on xbox one.


I am looking to do raid bosses as well anything else. If you want to join Just add me. My highest level is a 54 siren. GT Aiden Ark.

I can shoot you an invite or something later on today after I’m off work. That is if your down to attempt to tackle some bosses.

Okay cool I’m usually online on weekdays. just send an a friend request and we can start kicking some ass. GT Aiden Ark.

Sounds good my friend!

I’ll help if you want I’m on Xbox one

Cool, I could probably do it later this evening. Any weapons you recommend?