Raid Boss's before level 50?! Solo even?!

Is it possible to take on raid bosses before reaching level 50? Is it a matter of having the right load out or is it more about having numbers when you go into the fight?

I had thought I read something about the raid boss scaling to level of the players participating. Or am I totally wrong in thinking that?

I know that some people like to farm the raid bosses…I mostly just want to get the xp for doing the mission…and any help would be fantastic…honestly…I wanna kill those #@%$ jerk faces. So much frustration…

maybe I just have crappy guns…

Im pretty sure that terramorphus is the only raid boss that is level 50 in normal mode. The others in the dlcs are usually between levels 35 and 40.

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It has been a long time since I fought against any raid boss pre-level 72 cap but I am sure at the very least Salvador can do it, though it will be more of him outlasting the raid bosses than really nuking them down, especially against the tougher raid bosses such as the Ancient Dragons of Destruction and Vorac.

Since the introduction of UVHM 1 and 2 I seriously doubt anyone bothers with the raid bosses since they do not drop crystals anymore in normal and TVHM. On the other hand you can buy some of the loot they drop–Hawk Eye being one–in normal and TVHM with crystals on a higher level character.

Is it even worth it to try and take them on? I beat Hyperius the Invincible solo…even if he was a pain. I have poked my nose in on two of the others just to see what I was in for…and annoying did not even begin to describe it.

Other than for fun there is no real good reason to go after the raid bosses until you hit UVHM. The major reason to go after raid bosses, crystals, is absent from the loot pools of all the raid bosses pre-UVHM. Not only that but you can easily level up a character into the 60 range before going back to pop the lower level raid bosses to get gear that you may want to use on future characters.

While there is a chance that the raid bosses may indeed drop what you want pre-UVHM it is so low that you may very well out-level the gear.