Raid build for OP10 UCP

Hey guys,

i would like to build an op 10 Raid Build for Axton (4 player coop op 10) on the UCP and would like to hear from you more experienced players what i should do for it. I know the obvious ones like bring a grog nozzle and/or DPUK and i know each boss needs different setups and gear. Does someone have a more detailed guide for it?

The setup would be Support Siren, Krieg Tank, Mechro and Commando as DPS.

Thanks in advance!

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in coop raids, to cope up with your teammates crazy damage, i would go beehawking. if you don’t like beehawk, at least a bee plus any good guns you like. for big targets i would use a Hail/CC plus a bee. for human targets i would use something like a lyuda, lady fist, interfacer, fibber

Thank you very much, Those are great suggestions!

Actually i do not have a problem with BeeHawking at all. I just thought maybe because of the ucp the Bearcat, Ogre or stuff like that might (basically grenade dmg weapons) be viable too and wanted to hear an opinion on those if possible.

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Ogre might work, It is the main weapon on my Axton.

Just have fun and experiment, 4 coop raiding and peaking is amazing.

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do you have any suggestions for each individual raid boss? eg. Pyo Pete felt extremely easy on op 10 with my mechromancer while voracidous was only doable on op 3 and was way harder even then. Am i doing sth wrong?

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Voracidous is the hardest raid boss in the game, plus when the Lilith DLC came out, there is a bug that increases Voracidous and Hyperius health even further. At OP10 with Maya i spent 15-20 minutes health gating and bee plus sandhawk, fibber, toothpick (since i lost a lot of ammo).