Raid on Digistruct Peak (PS3) [Seeking active players]

Hey everyone, this is my first time using a forum here so I’ll be brief about this post: I’m looking for any active PS3 players in Borderlands 2 that can assist me in the Digistruct Peak DLC. There’s barely any players in matchmaking that are 72+ and playing alone has proven difficult. If there’s anyone that is interested in joining me or needs assistance in completing the OP Levels (I’m in OP Level 6, by the way) please reply to this post.


I’m more active in TPS these days but I can do a few runs with you to get you to OP8. PSN=dp_DBD

It may be next weekend before I start my Peak runs. I’ll be doing it for OP1 so it’ll take a minute to catch up to you to be useful.

But if you’re still interested then, I’d be more than happy to help out.

Thanks, guys. I appreciate the responses. It’s funny because I never realized how fun BL2 can be online. I’ve always played the game solo. Anyways, my PSN is Amanecio45. Anyone is more than welcome to tag along. Like I said, I can also help others with the OP Levels so feel free to jump in this post :slight_smile:

Please Add me MadMonkey340 I need help with op levels

Hey there, sorry for the late reply. I’ve been away from my PS3 and recovering from a fried PC so I haven’t got much access to the forums. I’ll be sure to add you in PSN and help out whenever you’re available.

Hey, mind sending me another friend request? The one you sent me didn’t go through.

Does the op still need help becuase I can help

Feel free to jump in.

Is tomorrow good for me to help you. Or maybe about 8:30 pm tonight

I’ll probably be around later on tonight if I can, not sure if I’ll be able to get the time to be entirely honest but add me anyways.

Ok what’s your psn name.

PSN: Amanecio45

I’ll add you tonight.