Raider Retreat: FREE

Playing DBX’s new DLC

See steam announcement for HW, close out, read, make a stunned look, open HW:R and forget about DBX for the next six hours

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facedesks when he realizes the update isn’t out yet

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Team is hoping to deploy in the next few hours. Stay tuned!

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Staying tuned, but this E string is giving me grief.

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Your intonation is probably off: check your string height and bridge position!

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Just finished it… It was wonderful

Short, but it’s a piece of HW history that always should have been in the game from the start, the Raider Planetoid is GORGEOUS.



I mean what is going on here!?!?!?!

You literally spam bombers and send them to attack two targets = JOB DONE!

Absolutely no challenge at all - just like rest of the game.

Dude, if you are looking for a challenge you should go for multiplayer, that simple, campaign is for history.
See you in the lobby.

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YESSS! Thank you Gearbox. Never played that mission!

Exactly :wink: we played together yesterday if my memory is correct :slight_smile: ?

Thank you @GBX: For this lovely mission and also the possibility to actually do create own missions and campaigns now in their own separate folders without the need of overwriting official files. This is outstanding. Now once all the tools arrive and the first tutorials regarding how missions can actually get created I may give it a try. Created high quality missions for Operation Flashpoint in the past and currently working on a Half-Life mod. So when it comes down to creating missions I’m more than willing to give it an attempt.