Raider Retreat starting fleet seems too small

Hi all,

Having finally finished the first campaign in classic mode (for the formations and the memories), I had a go a the Raider Retreat mission from the HW2 Remastered menu.

To begin with, i have 5 interceptors, 3 light corvettes, 3 salvage corvettes and 2000 RU. To take down the opposing carriers with all their ion arrays and strike craft in just a few minutes (with very little to be harvested) seems a bit tough.

I can only guess that I have to play through the first 4 or so missions in HW1 Remastered, and somehow my fleet is transferred to this mission (as I have seen youtube videos where people have much larger starting fleets.

Is this right, or am I just terrible? Hoping I don’t have to redownload HW1 and replay those missions.

I started with several frigates, but I played through the HW1 Remastered campaign before playing raiders retreat, so I guess you have to play a few missions of HW1 Remastered, just as you suspected.

Thanks, maybe I’ll just have to skip it. (Unless there’s a way to rejigger the starting fleet relatively easily.)

How do you rate the mission vs the campaign(s)?

Actually, is there someway I can download somebody’s save file(s)?

It was fun but nothing extraordinary, so its no big deal if you skip it, but you should be able to get the mission done even with the small fleet you described.