Raiders' Retreat- because why not?

I don’t know why this didn’t occur to me sooner, but… why not add RR into the HWR campaign?

For those who don’t know, Raiders’ Retreat was planned to be the original mission 5, a scenario where the player had to stop and destroy several fleeing Turanic ships before they reached their base. The mission was only found in a demo version of Homeworld, as it had been cut from the final version of the game (along with several other cut missions, which would have had the player facing a fourth enemy faction- which remains in the game files as P3, the owners of the lava-ship which appears at the end of the game- after defeating the Empire at Hiigara).

However… it strikes me that HWR is the perfect vehicle for it to become part of the game again. I mean, there are enough changes to the game that it’s already not really the same experience, so why not throw in some cut content (and it was a damn fun mission, make no mistake) to even out the loss of other features?

Wouldn’t it be cool if it showed up as DLC later? Eh? How 'bout it? There’s a prime opportunity here! :smiley:

I am totally not motivated by a selfish desire to salvage even more missile corvettes. This is my trustworthy face. Honest.


Yeah…I’d work on that Trustworthy face if I were you… its fooling no one :smile:

Would love to see this put back in. so that’s two sales right here !!

I’d buy all kinds of DLC content for this game if they actually fix the game first :smiley:

I’m wondering if it is there, hidden as an easter egg somehow…

That would be amazing.
I’d definitely buy the ‘lost missions’ dlc, or download what ever mod decides to add it.

I would probably buy any new content assuming the game works properly. At the moment it does but with lots of flaws. Anyway just the thought of even getting a new minor dlc lets say x3 missions big. I wouldn’t hesitate just to see how the story evolved and learning more about that fantastic universe. In that regard I would accept only contributions from the black bird guys though.

Anything else might be nice as well but would probably suddenly called “not canon” just as it used to be with Cataclysm.

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“bye nu contint”

all i see in this thread.

The mission was cut for a reason. It doesn’t fit into the narrative particularly well and I don’t think the writers were ready to imply that the Turanic raiders were any more than just space pirates.

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Since then, however, they have become more than just space pirates… and I disagree about it not fitting the narrative. At that point the Kushan were hell bent for revenge, and the Raiders were every bit as guilty as the Taiidan. The exiles wouldn’t just ignore the chance to strike a blow against the very first hostile species they encountered- the ones that destroyed the Khar-Toba and kept the Mothership busy away from Kharak while the Taiidan burned it, then attacked the Mothership in deep space a second time with enough firepower to destroy it and eradicate the Kushan as a species (the Kadeshi notwithstanding since nobody knew about them yet). At that moment, the Raiders were an even greater threat than the Taiidan fleet that burned Karak, and needed to be dealt with- they were able to track the exiles’ movements, which was a feat the Taiidan took far longer to manage.

The mission just needed a better segue.

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The raiders were portrayed perfectly fine. I never got the impression that they were anything more than carrier bound space pirates. Nothing suggested that they were. One could even come to the conclusion that the carrier you see in the second mission is the very same carrier that is destroyed later. In that sense justice was served as they aren’t encountered in force for the rest of the game.


True - still each race also needs a planet they didn’t evolve on their carriers, yo know… While it makes sense story wise arguing they are just space travelers is unreal. Well :stuck_out_tongue: you know what I mean in those regards…

If at all then you could have said the Vaygr were space pirates and Norman at least that what they were portrayed as prior to their invasion and in the handbook.

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There were two reasons that I’m aware of for why the Raider’s Retreat mission wasn’t included:

  • Beta testers at the time complained that the mission was too hard (the enemy forces were too strong and would have required the player to have lots of resources to build a lot of ion frigates and heavy corvettes, or required capturing all the ion arrays in Mission 4 for either use or retirement, and building several support frigates to keep them alive)
  • It had nothing to do with the story, which is that the Kushan were trying to find their Homeworld. Going and hunting down the raiders doesn’t have anything to do with it.

However, I would say that having a DLC option for Classic Homeworld only would be a good idea to have.


It doesn’t fit into the storyline, which is unfortunate but there we go. I could see a Raiders Retreat DLC working a couple of ways.

Firstly as an expansion that allows you to load up a save from the end of missions 4 or 5 and play it as it’s own thing. That might work well and could work as a unique scenario. You still use the Mothership and all of that jazz, maybe unlock Destroyers since you’re there instead of going into Diamond Shoals.

Another option I suggested elsewhere (off site) is that after the Homeworld War a Carrier group is sent by one of the Kiith to return to the Kharak area. It could be on a salvage mission or to hunt down Raiders in the area that are causing trouble for the Bentusi, any number of possibilities. And if it’s set after they war maybe they could add some fleet customization options before you depart.
Say choose between 1 Heavy Cruiser or a couple of Destroyers, that sort of thing.


Like we don’t do that already : p

Just have 10 salvage corvettes waiting near the mothership when they jump in. You can grab all of them before they even have a chance to open fire on the mothership, Then when you are fighting the carrier, have the corvettes take the last two ion array friggates escorting it (Seriously? Ion frigates for ESCORT duty?)

Having 8 free ion array frigates makes the next mission super easy. What looks like an absurd amount of assult frigates coming your way, suddenly becomes a bunch of pretty blue explosions.

Now I just need to figure out how to capture those destroyers.


Heck once you worked out the spawn points for the ion arrays it became even easier, just have two salvage corvettes waiting for each just far enough back (too close made them shift hyperspace entry points) and you could grab them before the arrays had time to unfold let alone get any shots in.

As they were a bit unwieldy They normally ended up on Mothership guard duty for the later missions. but early on, on mass they were a force to be reconed with.

On topic and to reiterate, Raiders Retreat in any form would be a great addition so would get a big +1 from :slight_smile:

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While that’s true, it leaves a lot to chance. Unless you were an expert (which wouldn’t have been until several years had passed :stuck_out_tongue:), at the time people would have destroyed the ships, not captured. By that point, the mission was already removed. While I also capture all the ion arrays in that mission, back then it was probably assumed that people wouldn’t do it.

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The argument it didn’t fit into the storyline is not plausible it would fit perfectly… You know what they say the best defence is… So when they were hunted they had to stop them as they could’ve warned the Taiidan about the survivors… Lore wise the Kushan already were superior with their vast corvette strikecraft etc… Instead of getting the frig tech then from the Taiidan they would have gotten it from the pirates…

And think about another famous ship the Bs Pegasus… ^^

I agree.

I honestly don’t see how the inclusion of Raiders’ Retreat in the game would have actually detracted from the story or the experience. Given that the exiles sought revenge against the Taiidan fleet responsible for the burning of Kharak (Mission 05), it wouldn’t have been too much of a narrative stretch of their vengeance to also go after the Turanic fleet to avenge the Khar-Selim before resuming their journey to Hiigara.


There’s no confirmation that “detraction from the story” was the main reason, but if you look up videos of the few people who’ve played the mission, it’s clear that it was a side distraction (from FI’s last words in the mission itself) and may not have been the intention of the developers. However, the main reason is that it is too difficult and would have needed a rather large fleet that wouldn’t be possible at that point without careful micromanagement of RU’s.

Nah that’s bs… True when I first played it as a vet I actually did fail. But that was literately due to the fact that there was some sort of timer same as in the final mission of Hw2 with the planet killer missiles. Once you adjusted to that the mission was somewhat easier still hard but easier. Keep in mind if they would have included it there would have been certain adjustments to make it probably even easier compared to the demo version we all know.

Furthermore that was a demo for Hw1 vanilla we though play in a Hw1 campaign AKA Hw2 gamestyle. So things are x10 easier as they were at least judging by the current balance the devs brought upon us… I rushed through the campaign probably x5 times faster than in hw1 vanilla. So that means a lot.

While the balancing and re-balancing isn’t done yet I still think campaign wise we wont see or feel many differences in the patches to come. Eventually some improvements such as working support frigates etc… Which would make things even more easier in the process.

So in my opinion they could & probably should have implemented it into the game. They still can as additional dlc of some sort…