Raiding build? Please help

Anyone have a good raiding build? Seeing as I mainly run a dt anarchy build but knowing dt sucks for raids would LBT build be better? What’s some good weapons to use as well? This is for OP8

There are a few builds in the Master Build List Collection you could look at. Sadly, though, a lot of the builds disappeared after the old forums were archived and locked.

There is a thread still accessible on the old forums you might find helpful:

That will take you to a post by @pokapoka containing a bunch of YouTube links to different raid builds at different levels. Note that you’ll need to edit the urls before they resolve properly due to an artefact of the archive process. As an example, this link to an OP8 Pimpernel-based build:

You’d basically snip out the last part to get this:

Which then takes you here: