Raiding with Gaige


How does she do them? I’m aware of how she works, as I’ve gotten her into the low 50s before, but it seems like she’s one of the worst characters for raiding. Deathtrap seems to have more bugs than the amazon jungle in regards to ability use and actually attacking bosses. Is that still an issue, or was his AI somehow magically fixed?

As far as non-DT damage goes, is she just super reliant on Anarchy stacks and specific gear? The other characters either have a plethora of survivability or DPS skills (or both) to deal with raid bosses. She… doesn’t. The only thing she has in that vein would be Anarchy, The Better Half, Sterner Stuff and Potent as a Pony. Which seem a little lackluster. Blood Soaked Shields is a thing, but most raid bosses don’t have minions you can just kill willy killy to not die.

As for Anarchy stacks, what’s the best way to gain them? I don’t know any tricks for quickly gaining them at all.

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I don’t know either, but fortunately, one of, if not the best, Gaige players out there has you covered…Check out how Giant Fly does it… just that easy :sunglasses:

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The old standby is a 1-barrel Jakobs shotgun which will ( usually ) have only one shot in the mag. Shoot the target dummy and you’ll have 200 stacks in short order ( I remember actually tying an elastic around the fire button of my mouse while I did something else ). For faster reload ( therefor faster stacking ), equip a Deputy’s Badge.

Poka did a pretty good raiding guide :

I’m not very experienced with Gaige and raids, so that’s as much as I can offer.

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As a rule I generally don’t pre-stack but simply farming different areas for loot takes care of that- less boring than firing at a test dummy anyway :smiley:

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Try running the Bloodshot stronghold map, I have 400 anarchy stacks at the end of the map.

Just use deathtrap as a distraction. And if you use a Bee for raiding, spec into Buck up so that deathtrap will recharge your bee to full.

I second @ChemicalConundrum, check @Giant_Fly, he is the best Gaige player after all.

I even patterned my Gaige kills to his NAPS (No Anarchy Pre-Stacking) kills.

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Unfortunatly Gaige heavily relies on Anarchy stacks to deal with raid bosses. In order to stack up I usually head to Pyro Pete’s bar and spam Norfleet or Topneaa (in combination with a Sham ofc) for about 5 minutes which gets me to around 400 stacks. As for the raiding gear, Shamfleeting is one of her best options (although it’s a pretty cheap way). If you don’t want to Shamfleet you can use a ricochet Fibber in combination with a Bee. With the Fibber you want to shoot at the ground to have the split projectiles (which all get amp damage) all hit the enemy. The accuracy penalty from Anarchy is irrelevant using the FibBee combo because with the Close Enough skill the bullets will automatically seek out enemies and the damage penalty doesn’t come into play either. Gaige does have some neat skills that should help keep your Bee up most of the time. Deathtrap can’t really dish out much damage to raid bosses, he’s mostly used for distraction. As the people above said, you should check out GiantFly’s channel, he’s a beast. :slight_smile: