Rainbow Six Siege new price model a possibility for Battleborn?

Rainbow Six Siege has an interesting concept where they are selling their normally full priced game for $15 and for that $15 you get access to 4 characters and you can still unlock other characters but it takes A LOT longer to do so, so you’re basically trading money for time… and a lot of people, especially those who can’t afford to buy a lot of games would be willing to do that.

This could be something for Gearbox to explore to get more people playing on PC, I absolutely adore the game, been playing it almost every day since release but I feel Gearbox need to explore ways beyond a basic -40% sale to increase the PC player base.


It could be fairly easy to implement, people that buy the game at the $60 price point get the normal Battleborn content that we all have just now, people that enter at the lower price point (Let’s say $15) would get… say… 1/5 of the amount of experience and credits of people on the $60 version, so unlocks would take 5x longer, gear packs would take 5x longer, basically trading money for time.

I’m not suggesting the difference be 5x or the price $15, just using this as an example, Gearbox have all the stats and could tailor it however they wanted and how they think it would be best and most effective.


awesome idea OP, if its for the greater good, im down for this

That Rainbow-whatever - is it just a team shooter? What about PVE missions in BB? They don’t really require you to level your heroes to get them done.

Never really considered that honestly… I know Rainbow Six has some sort of PvE content but I’m not sure how they handle that in the $15 version.

Possibly they could level gate some PvE content for the reduced price version?

I don’t play the game, just read about their new price model but I feel Gearbox need to look outside the box in their marketing to give the PC PvP modes a boost, I don’t know how it’s doing on console but any way to get more players playing would be a good thing for everybody.

Id say leave out the story if they took this route…Id think its fair to say most of a casual audience are in it for pvp and if they want to get into the stroy they can pick up the full game. But if theres a competitve seen or anything of the sort most people will only care about pvp and will play the living daylights out of it.

Or level gate the PvE missions, or credit gate them… or just leave them out like you say.

Regardless, it wouldn’t take a ton of work to make happen and would bring more players into the fold, I know a lot of people are saying to make the game free to play but I’m totally against that, not so much because it would alienate people that bought the game but because free games have a much much higher percentage of hacking and toxic players because if a game is free, they have nothing to lose if they get banned where if you get banned from a game you paid for it makes you think twice about hacking and such.

This is pathetic. People grasping at straws. Battleborn had 12k concurrent players at release. Now it has like 2k. The question is: Why bring in new players when it is pretty obvious that the game just isn’t good enough to keep players in it? Sure, there are some dedicated fans here but a majority of PC gamers took a good look at the game and collectively decided that the game isn’t all that good.
That’s the elephant in the room here. Battleborn is a good game in concept but it has so many glaring problems that people JUST DON’T LIKE THE GAME. It’s not marketing, not the release date, not the price…it’s the game.

And the biggest complaint about the game is the matchmaking long wait times between matches, sure there’s a few complaints about the game but the vast vast majority revolve around the matchmaking.

Poor matchmaking so people leave because of poor matchmaking which makes matchmaking even worse so more leave… and so on.

Once the matchmaking is improved, this idea could help boost the community, I’m not sure what’s “pathetic” about that.

The core issues with the game are the issues with matchmaking, issues with optimization and performance, issues with connectivity in Australia, issues with players quitting/surrendering, issues with hacking/cheating on PC and issues with people not understanding the game, what it’s supposed to be and how to play it. The game itself is a good game but a lot of these issues are preventing many people from enjoying the game fully. I think once a lot of these issues are resolved the game will do well because it is a good game at the core.

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Nearly all games have a big spike in players at launch that then falls off dramatically. There are exceptions, of course, like Borderlands.so I guess nearly all games just aren’t good enough.

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I totally agree, but again giving people a chance at a lower price point is always a good way to give the community a boost and after what was a… lets say… sub optimal launch.