Rak Build Questions

This is probably a few noob questions but here goes:

Why do you need to have the +100% dmg modifier on every gun you have equipped? Do the buffs stack no matter what gun you have out? So 4 guns with +100= +400?

How essential is it to get Rak Pak to make the new build effective?

No, the anointment only works on the weapon your holding; but with how often you can proc the anointment its good to have on each; more so if your running with multiple elements;
its not a “new” build; and as rakk pak is a little bugged (bada** tinks) its not 100% necessary - it helps spread the amount of targets the 100% annointment can be used effectively on (i run with a friendbot)
Any ase anointments work well, but the 100% after rakk and the 125% splash (on splash weapons) work better


Some of your preferred anointments will depend on your weapons or situations.
imo 100% damage and 125% splash damage on action skill end are better for when you’re facing multiple enemies and there are alot of easier to kill adds, I like Jakobs with this because of the ricochet.
Enemies damaged by rakk attack take 100% more damage really helps melt badasses, anointed and most bosses especially with torgue stickies. It only works on the anointed weapon itself if equipped though.
I usually mix them together and may add an extra element on one of my weapons, but the extra damage from an anointed shield and grenade is really what lets rakk builds push such heavy gun damage out.


The Rakk Pakk COM is not needed in any way to run a Rakk build. I run mine exclusively with a Bounty Hunter as that is how I have been able to get the best results.

Get a shield and a grenade anointed for 50% elemental damage on action skill end (get 2 different elements, I find radiation and whatever element the enemy in the area is weak against) and go to town. If you can get a weapon that has 100% weapon damage on ASE, I find that works best.

I spec Rakkcelerate for the extra Rakk charge.

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You don’t need Rakk Pakk for a Rakk build. The splitting Rakk effect makes mobbing easier, particularly if most of your weapons have the 100% damage on RA targets anointment, but it doesn’t do anything for bosses. Bounty Hunter, Cosmic Stalker and Deadeye are arguably better (Bounty Hunter for bosses, especially). I usually stick with a Stalker com but for some things I switch to a Bounty Hunter.