Rakk Attack heal question

Apologize if it’s in another thread, but I figured it was a quick enough answer that it wouldn’t bug anyone too badly.

I’m new(ish) to Fl4k, level 28ish, and recently swapped from Fade Away to Rakks and I love it so far. My only question is for the skill augmentation. Is the 7% heal per Rakk hit or per skill use? Cause if you take the other augmentation for +2 rakks, this seems like a lot of healing on something that has a very short cooldown.

When I use it I usually see two little bumps in my health bar, so unless each rakk does 3.5% of max health I’ve always assumed yes.
I know of 2 great ways to get the rakks to heal you. The first of course is to use rakk Pak and cast 4 healing healing rakks. Though even if it is the full 48% per hit that is still delayed. I also like to use the terror anointnent that heals 25% on ase then +15% per terror stack, it works without terror. This is a pretty badass anointment with or without rakk Pak and you don’t need terror for the first 25%. Without rakk Pak I use the extra cast over the rakks like this because I’m still healing more often and quicker when compared to high dps rakk builds.
Honestly the headcount glitch makes it hard for me personally to use rakk Pak but if you don’t spam and always keep one on reserve it does not reset.
Sorry that was so long.

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No worries, you answered me pretty thoroughly.

In regards to the Terror ASE heal, I actually have one of those on a DP foursum. So I thought it would be a monster of a heal with those two combined lol

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It is the % per hit; though you have to wait until they bring the health back; tieing it in with the terror ase heal is perfect though

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Sweet. Thank you all for the quick responses. I’m glad I kept that weapon with the ASE heal, should help me get him geared up once I hit 50!