Rakk Attack Splash build help

Hello all. Been a while since I’ve played BL3, I took about a 10 month hiatus due to burn out. However, I still faithfully watch Joltz videos and remember seeing him rock this build in the background of one of his hotfix update videos in which he would run around with Fl4k and fire off rakks and destroy everything, culminating at the end with a one charge rakk attack killing the SpongeBob Goliath with that single hit. Last night I got a Crit with ASE splash damage, hunter seeker ASE radiation, frozen heart wjth ASS and a pearl of knowledge while rocking a Peregrine first then a Rakk Pakk. It did well enough to where I got thru the map easily but I had to constantly shoot they Crit while doing so, even on basic mobs. I must be doing something wrong, right? Any help would be appreciated. Thanx

If you want to do damage with Rakks (as opposed to messing around with Peregrine, Fish Slap, and Pshycho Stabber shenanigans), you’re on the right track with the Crit, Rakk Pakk, Hunter-Seeker, and Frozen Heart. I ran this build a while back and it is very good. I liked the cryo rakks better than the fire Rakks, but that means you have to give up either the more Rakks augment or the healing Rakks augment, which is not great.

The thing you are missing for your build that will put it over the top, IMO, is replacing the Pearl with a better artifact. Ice Breaker Vic Rush or Otto Idol would work better with the build you described.

Also, you want at minimum an AOE roll on the artifact. If you can get some combo of AOE, cryo, and either movement speed, mag size, crit damage, or some other favorable passives on your COM and artifact, that would work best.

Hope this helps and feel free to ask questions. I had @vCarpeDiemv theory-craft with me on this type of build just a while back. I actually think it was a thread of mine if you want to search the forums.


Rakk builds killing everything is a fairly common sight at this point, so not sure what the exact combo is you would have been watching. This document though is a great reference if you want builds.

In particular you’ll probably want grenade rakks as that is a rakk and frozen heart build. It uses peregrine and then most of the meta damage grenades to amazing effect.

Something like Rakk stab is a more nova centric take on cast rakks and everything dies.
Or last but not least is the build simply labelled rakk attack which is the balance between the rakks themselves dealing damage and the guns you’ll want to be firing.


If the goal is to have solely the rakks killing things, then a guardian angel with some 2 out of 3 combo of Re-volter, URad, or terror cryo would be the way to go. Also what pris said.

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@tgitgunner My initial response was based on an assumption, I guess. When I saw the description of the gear you were running, I assumed that you were attempting to run the kind of build that I talked about - i.e., not using Peregrine, Fish Slap, etc., and I also assumed Guardian Angel as well.

For the kind of build I think you’re talking about, I agree with what’s said above by Boom and Prismatic - the Guardian Angel is definitely stronger, whether you go the Re-Volter route or not. But again, I assumed that was not what you were trying to do, and did not ask. Which I should have LOL

That build sheet Prismatic linked has build information and analysis by some really smart and creative people. Just in case you hadn’t read it, it’s worth your time.


So what synergy does the guardian angel have with all this? I got my first one yesterday but it doesn’t have an anointment on it so I have to grind for the 2nd one.
I changed a few things last night after some of your suggestions. Mainly a fish slap grenade ( ASE radiation), a peregrine and a ice breaker white elephant. I went to the slaughter shaft, mayhem eleven and the results were pretty comical. I did still have to shoot the crit on badass enemies and only dropped the crit twice and had to scrounge for it but all in all it was pure destruction. It is not what I saw in Joltz video, he never shot the crit and was not using fishslap that I saw but the results spoke for itself.
By the way, when did Joey Ultraviolet become so damn tanky? That fight alone was easily 5 to 10 minutes and I changed my com to the Bounty hunter and my grenades to hunter seekers to try and rely on crits more because the other build was useless against him.
Anyway, thanks for the replies

Guardian Angel provides up to 400% damage based on how far you are from the enemy. This applies to all attacks that hit while you are holding the GA in your hand. Also applies to the GA projectiles. So grenades, Rakks, anything that hits while you are holding the GA gets this bonus.

Personally, I don’t like using it, but that’s just me. It is most definitely the highest-damaging option for a lot of Rakk builds.

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Alright, thanx. Now it makes sense with the guardian angel.
So did they buff Joey Ultraviolet while I was gone? I used to be able to take care of that guy reasonably fast. I tried with my Gamma War Loader fl4k that lets my pet destroy everything and not only did it not work but the loader wouldn’t even use his attack command on Joey.

They inflated Joey’s HP simililarly to the True Trial bosses when that was a thing

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