Rakk Attack zero damage glitch

Hey so I recently got Rakk Pak and used it and it worked amazing!!! Till I used my brainstormer, then the rakks targeting messes up and they can’t hit enemies, ever. No matter where I fast travel they just don’t work. This happens only when I use the brainstormer, the rakks just fly to enemies, get super close, return to me having found no targets. The glitch resets if I close the game but this is not a solution and makes the new mod unusable. Please help!

I have experienced something close to this and now that I think about I was using the brainstormer as well. My R4kks will fly straight thru enemies and deal 0 damage. I even throw them out point blank at an enemy, maybe 3 feet away directly in front of me and they deal 0 damage. It’s very frustrating. However, after a few minutes or so or I open my inventory and come back, it starts working normally again.

I figured it out. Lower graphics and smaller resolutions or screen cause rakk attack to lose the ability to target enemies. Change the resolution or monitor to a larger one and it works fine. Can only use rakk pak when I plug my laptop into my tv, woe is me lol

I’ve never had a problem with the brainstormer causing this on PS4 but I have had rakks fly through frozen enemies and deal no damage and attack thrown projectiles like bombs.

Yeah I did on my bro’s ps4 but only when their was too many particles on screen, it ■■■■■ up the targeting

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That used to crash the game when using rakk pak against cov.

Sorry should have clarified, I meant normal rakk attack, played on ps4 before woton. Rakks targeting is strangely broken because of a particle issue ai believe based on my pc brainstormer issue and my experience with ps4. It’s not just brainstormer btw its just I always use that gun but I noticed it even when I’m not using it and theres a minesweeper moze, rocket storm cov in slaughter shaft, or too many boom booms

I used to have to kick half the Mozes I played with because that would crash me if I didn’t.