Rakk Attack's damage is fine - a true buff would be to speed up the animation

If you were running Rakk Attack for a while, you might’ve felt this too.

At some point you have probably died, because you were locked into the animation of using RA. It’s a skill designed to be spammable, but the animation is just a tad too long in the middle of combat.

I know we are talking about a 1 or 1.2 second animation here, but this can more often decide life or death for you than you might think in practice.

Also…please fix the anointed bonus. The extra Rakk charge is not working 90% of the time and I am tired of re-equipping gear constantly for the bonus to proc. Makes me super anxious about all the other anointed buffs because I always fear they don’t work at all.


Agreed. Other VH action skills could use a similar treatment to make combat more fluid. Exiting Iron Bear and detonating Doppelbanger takes too long. Amara is fine, but I’ve noticed that after meleeing , there’s a small window where you can’t activate your action skill (Nvm: It happens when you have a weapon with a melee accessory).

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Damage is fine? u playing on MH3? it is most definitly fine with +70% Elemental Damage but pretty weak otherwise I feel like ^^

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Zane should get like a 5x increase to all cast times across the board (and a digiclone arm should cast them, so he can reload without interruption).
I don’t play a lot of fl4k, isn’t rakk attack strong with “on action skill end” anointments?

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Yes I am playing on TVHM M3 since the 4th day after release pretty much.

You can shove everything into a bad light if you mention unlucky mayhem modifiers and such. The whole Mayhem system is a topic that deserves threads itself though. Pocket Rakks more often than not have little issue disintegrating trash mobs from my experience.

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Yeah, you’re right, the Mayham problem is a whole seperate thing/topic and it is not only Rakk which suffers from this problem ^^ btw. just found an MIRV Hex with an Anointment that Regenerates 1 nade after using an Action Skill, works pretty damn well!

Damn, that’s actually a damn good bonus if you run Rakk Fl4k. Combine it with the Guardian Rank skill that regenerates a grenade every ten kills and you increase your dps output by a significant amount.

That’s a cool idea. Doubt it’d be implemented. Yeah, “on action skill annointments” work perfectly.

Really do feel like FL4K could use some Grenade generation though ^^ this Annointment seems to be freakin’ rare.

I’ve been playing with a pocket rakk build using annointed equipment that increases gun damage against enemies hit by pocket rakks. It’s been working reasonably well on Mayhem 3 but I wish I could focus the Rakk’s targeting system a bit better. I’d be pointing them at a badass right in front of me but they’ll fly off to the left to hit something else. It’s a shame they didn’t use the targeting preference they had on homing grenades in Borderlands 2 where the Rakk charged what your crosshair highlighted.