Rakk flight pattern....GRRRRR

Finally got a group of friends to play Cistern of Slaughter with Mayhem bumped up to Level 2. We had a lot of fun…except for the Rakk.

Seriously, I miss the Rakk Flight Pattern from BL2. At least then you knew what to expect. In BL3 the pattern seems completely randomized making them almost impossible to kill. Especially if you get anything considered a badass or higher.

We got to the final wave of round 5 and must have had 20+ of them. I ran out of ammo on two gun types trying to finish them off…and so did a couple of my friends. Might as well have had 3 or 4 Anointed in the match, would have used up the same amount of ammo on those bullet sponges.

I am not saying make them easier…but at least some kind of flight pattern would be nice. At present I have seen them turn and change course on a dime, dive bomb randomly or for no reason at all. Its like trying to target a bat on meth.