Rakk or Elemental ASE Brainstormers

My Rakk build Fl4k has radiation and corrosive ASE on the shield/grenade mod. Which Brainstormer should I be using? Rakk 100% or cryo 50% ASE?

Things to consider:

Rakk 100% is v2 dmg bonus, so the base dmg bonus is definitely bigger than that of cryo 50%, but the Rakk one applies only to the targets that have been hit by a Rakk. Does the base dmg bonus travel via the “link” to other targets?

We know that it’s better to have as many different elements as possible on weapons like Brainstormer and Recursion due to the extra projectiles/link created, but would the benefit exceed that of higher base dmg from Rakk anoint?

I know I should be testing these things by myself, but I have no idea how when it comes to Brainstormer. I know there are experts on this forum who might have the answer already.

Not an expert, just your basic scrub but use Brainstormers a lot.

Is there a consensus as to whether +100% weapon damage on ASE? is better/worse/ than or equivalent to Rakk 100%? If it were me I’d take Rakk 100% over cryo (but guess I’d try both). I have two Dastardly Stagecoaches – 100% on ASE and 50% corrosive. The corrosive is actually pretty useful somewhere like Slaughter Shaft (my testing site) with all the yellow bars, even though it’s x16 (vs. x25 for the other). I suppose a real test would involve recording & going through frame by frame (which I’m not inclined to do). Sorry no definitive answer but good question!

Def cryo. I have a fire one and everything melts vs the rakk hit one.

I’ve never had a brainstormer with the rakk debuff on it but when I compared the overall damage from 100% damage on ase to radiation on ase 100% damage felt way stronger.

In certain situations the rakk debuff
on a brainstormerer would be better, I’ve considered farming one for just Wotan and any future bosses that will summon adds around them.

Yes, most of the time enemies damaged by rakks take 100% more damage is better because it is a multiplicative modifier to the damage dealt to am enemy vs 100% on ase is additive to your existing weapon buffs. I considered brainstormer an exception until this post raised a good question.

Yeah can see where it’d be situational. Like with a large spawn of enemies, with lots of linking perhaps 100% on ASE since Rakks don’t really damage everyone in the crowd. With chunky single targets, on Rakk damage would be better maybe. Then again, I only use the Brainstormer if a crowd is around & other weapons for the chunky enemies.

Not many times in the game you need it for both add burning and boss melting outside of the takedown…yet.
Unless the chain damage is based off of the original damage, it’s not splash or dot.

For general purposes i’d say Cryo 50% ASE. More procs and Rakks won’t hit enough enemies at a time keep up with how many enemies the chains will hit. For Wotan go with the Rakk one.

Thanks for the input, guys!

Even though I still wanna see some numbers from the experts, what you guys said pretty much confirm the gut feeling I get when I actually try out the 2 Brainstormers.