Rakk P4k Mods crashing system

I’m having more and more friends say the system is constantly crashing when enabling these mods. Does anyone have an update or confirmation that GB is on top of this?

On a 8 year old asus laptop don’t have my specs off hand but my issues with rakk pak were as follows

Rare crashing

Rakks flying at enemies, not hitting enemies, and returning constantly. Enough to not play rakk attack with the mod.

Fixes I found were to lower the resolution, lower background rendering, not using high particle weapons (brainstormer is a no no for rakk pak)

Recent patches have also helped the last issue but still every 5 uses of rakks they just return dealing no damage. Extra elements on ase with shield and nade seem to add to the issue too as the rakks will always hit if i dont use them

I haven’t heard anything yet. But then again, it doesn’t seem like the boards are the best place to go if you want the issue resolved. Fill in a support ticket, then if nothing comes of that try again here. They seem to be more receptive to reported issues of people who have tried going to support already.

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The issue I’m experiencing lately is for some reason the rakks are targetting me or my friends when playing and spawning extra rakks. It’s funny but also sucks