Rakk pak Class Mod dropp rate o.O

So, is it just my personal luck ore is the droprate for that Class mod kind of abysmal ? I mean i put in more then 50 Trial of cunnig runs on Mh 4 and al i get is the ocasionaly Dead eye class mod. The takedown is also a lost cause. Driver took me also 30 + runs but at least that was a quik farm -.-.


not your luck, the drop rate is horrible. been trying for it myself and sometimes get no legendary to drop at all. got about a hundred st4ckbots though, those seem to drop like candy. I’m about to just give up trying for one.

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nothing has made me want to quit this game more than getting continuously trolled by the deadeye com drops :grimacing:

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I guess since the takedown has been adjusted I’ll just try doing valkyries over and over. not like that is much more fun either. this is the only mod I don’t have

I get the occasional Fl4k mod but I get alot of Amara mods, probably 5 for every rakk pak I get. It sucks I’m plagued by bum ass rolls. Why do I have to put up with grenade capacity and Tediore crit damage on a third of my coms that drop?
Really if it’s going to be so hard to get why should I have had a dozen POS mods drop after hundreds of runs?

My mind sweeper was supposed to drop there too… figured 2 birds 1… nope - no chance

That did not happen. They tweeted about it because they were on vacation and posting here or on the in game news banner was too much work I guess. Can tweet via cell phone however.

The drop rates in the DLC are decent and I farmed for the mods there most of the holiday as it seemed like getting a decent one was possible but bad drop rates are found elsewhere and not worth the time. Imagine once the sales drive is over for the DLC the drop rates there will get nerfed like they were for the core game. Hope I am wrong. Seems like said practice, as it seem to be happening, is at a minimum immoral, if not illegal in some countries. A lootsplosion, well until we get your money.

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Dedicated loot drops are super bad. Need a certain element or anointment and the odds are near zero. But this is no secret and GB does not seem to care.

But give them your money and you can get good drops for a limited time in the DLC so it seems.

I swear every class mod is in that ■■■■■’s pool with a higher chance than rakk pak.
That word began with pr and rhymed with the short name for Richard.lol

I wouldnt know, 15 times - 2 deadeyes and a rakk pak, left to take out my frustration on gigamind, got 3 different MS 3 times in a row

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I found the thread shortly after I posted about the takedown adjustment being delayed, kind of a bummer but at least I still have one place to farm for that mod. I’m just not sure I have it in me to do it anymore.

I got a good mindsweeper if you need it

Took me over 120 runs to get a crappy one. I suggest gbx to adjust these rates if they want people to continue playing.

Well you had better luck than I did I farmed 3-4 hours a day for the driver there was nothing to over two weeks. Was fortunate someone was nice enough to trade for one.