Rakk pak fl4k mod needed for PS4

I finally managed to get to the end of the trials of cunning on M4 but didn’t get it to drop. I really struggle with the trial and there’s no way I can complete the takedown so I wondered if anyone had a spare rakk pak fl4k mod? I have an electric banjo artifact that I could trade .

I might have a spare Vulpine Tactical R4kk P4k in the bank. Will check when I get on later for you. Will be about 2 hours time

Thanks ever so much, I appreciate it

I got a jackobs god roll one If you need

I’d be happy with anything I can get! Thanks.

Is there anything you need?

Looking for an Otto idol with assault rifle damage

Sorry I haven’t got one … I’ve a Atom Balm Otto with shotgun damage or a Cutpurse cosmic crater with 18% Assault rifle damage or a flesh melter with 17% Assault Rifle damage if they’re any use?

Or good guns with rakk attack damage

I’ve got:
Dangerous Trevanator with fire damage and Enemies damaged by Rakk Attack take 100% damage
Negating viscus Lyuda with cryo damage and 50% critical hit damage after using Rakk Attack

Any use?

Also got a couple of pistols … Gratifyng echo with 50% critical hit and oozing Echo with 100% increased damage

I’m going offline now but will check back in the morning