Rakk Pak vs. Rakk Commander

Has anyone sussed out the difference between these two mods? It seems like 2 charges that each have basically +2 Rakks would be better than 3 charges that don’t but I don’t claim to understand what is happening under the hood enough to know for sure. Seems especially true with the low CD of the AS and with +CD reduction on my artifact I can cast my AS almost at will.

Rakk Commander still sucks. No need to worry about comparing the two.

Although if the stats on it are better than what you have now, then go for it.


Yep. Rakk Commander is an awful COM. The only reason to use a Rakk Commander is if it just had god-roll stats and you got it while leveling.

Pretty much any purple COM would be better.


I think rakk commander should be merged into the rakk pack.

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My ‘problem’ with Rakk Commander is that it does not feel special - I can easily get an extra charge of Rakks from a bunch of gear. I mean, when a white anointed pistol gives you the same special effect as a legendary COM, it feels a bit off.

Extra Rakk charges in general is such a poor mod on anything in my opinion, should have been something more unique. Like make your rakk hit twice withe each cast and give 25% Rakk slag that stacks. So you combine the mod that adds more Rakks and the mod with double hits for Rakks or something.