RakkAttack Fl4k Takedown M4 builds?

So, I know we have a Crit Fade Away Fl4k that’s capable of the takedown on M4 with the right gear. It looks very brutal and something I will definitely be on the lookout for is that stagecoach with the proper annoitment on it. But, I was wondering if anyone has used R4kks for the takedown. I have a very efficient R4kk Attack build that is capable of anything in M4, the SS, Bossing, any proven grounds…but I’ve been too chickensh#t to try the takedown with it. I’m on mobile so I can’t provide the proper build links, so prepare for a lot of text:
I run a pretty standard Megavore Hunter Master build, specced all the way to Megavore and then specced all the way down to Shared Spirit. I normally run a Friend Bot with +3 BY and +2 ABFF that has +45% Hyperion Weapon Crititcal damage, +Shield Capacity and +10% Tediore Weapon Damage, however I have been able to swap multiple class mods without it being too detrimental. Just so much easier to run the Friend Bot to keep my pet alive and the rolls I got on it are outstanding especially considering my weapon loadout. Which is:
Cash Infused Brainstormer with ASE +50% Radiation Damage.
Defrauding Crossroads (corrosive) with 100% damage to enemies damaged by R4kk Attack.
Maggie or Fire Homing Mirv Tediore
Dobby Dictator (radiation) with ASE +50% corrosive damage.
Purple shield with ASE +50% Cryo damage ( I was using a Recharger with boosters that gave back shield that had an extra charge of R4kk attack but I’ve found the extra charge to minimal compared to the extra cryo damage the purple shield provides)
Generator Trans Fusion grenade (corrosive) that has ASE +50% incendiary damage.
Last stand Otto Idol artifact that has + magazine size and + SMG damage.

I run with the scorcher to maximize my elemental damage. My R4kk annoitments are standard, Falconers Feast and Rakkcelerate.

My main concern is can R4kks handle Valkyries and Wotan? I know I can handle the mobs, the brainstormer is melting things so quickly that even at 4 player difficulty it’s still gonna dispatch them quickly. Should I swap to basic Fade Away when going up against these bosses? My gear is pretty dependent on R4kks. I do have a One pump chump with ASE +100% damage on it, and a Corrosive Cutsman with ASE+50% corrosive damage on it that I can swap in for those fights, I guess.

Has anyone beaten it reliably with R4kks?

Many player have some m4 maliwan with rakk attack. Just look on youtube

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I’ve been running this build since the takedown came out, it’s not too gear dependant but I’ll list that first.
Shield-stop gap with cryo on ase
Grenade- storm front with rad on ase switch to a corrosive one ASE for Wotan
Mod- I use a bounty Hunter with +3 in most dangerous game and +18% crit damage but a stalker with +3 in big game is amazing too.
Artifact-last stand Otto idol.
BRAINSTORMER!!! With 100% damage in ase this can be used for 90% of the takedown.
Maggie with 100% on ase but I started off with lifesteal on ase to git gud.
Corrosive cutsman/kyb’s worth for bosses.
Corrosive lyuda.
The cutsman, lyuda and kyb’s worth don’t need to be anointed but it helps alot.
No recursion or crit swapping or other gimmicks needed and the brainstormerer is the only required piece of gear and anything on your gear to increase elemental damage, health and crit damage goes a long way.

Link did not work first time and I forgot to select Megavore lol.