Rakkman with A Few More Explosions - 1 Hp Rakk Attack Infinite Ammo & Grenade Build

Finally got around to putting together a Rakk Attack set up that I liked. Wanted to dip more into splash damage but my Splash Quickie conveniently disappeared. So maybe for another time


Holy synergy, Batman!

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Omg. Mitosis hunter seekers look awesome.

They do a lot of work lol. I just got them recently and are some of my favorite grenades now

I know they’d be bad for my Moze, but I wonder how they’d fare in my Fl4k and Zane concepts. I might never find them, but it’s nice to believe in them! Lol

For the leave no trace somewhat reliant iterations of FL4K it should be very helpful especially on guns without huge magazines and fire rate. Zane it’s possible that it could work out well due to it adding another constant stream of dps and hex getting hit pretty hard. Hopefully you’re able to find some lol. Try some of the trading discords and see what you can grab

Well, the joke of my Zane build is that I have so many pets during boss fights that it’s ridiculous. My boss loadout is a Messy Breakup and an Infiltrator mod, so I have at least two baby drones. sntl. Clone. Clone has at least one baby drone. And if I added mitosis hunter seekers to my Tediore Flame Thrower and the fact that I have drone and clone throwing grenades and Duct Tape mod…

It…would be a mess. Lol.

My Fl4k is probably actually gonna use some frosty singularity grenades.

But I’m just really happy that they called them Mitosis :joy:

On Moze their bullets work with Short Fuse and that will actually trigger means of deduction very well. But they are bad at giving you healing with Vampyr which is probably priority 1 in difficult content

Also no ten gallon for your summon army?

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If they crit a lot, then they’d do mind sweeper which would then be heals! :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually had a ten gallon but out leveled it. Still looking for things to play with.

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Summon Zane sounds like a pretty funny set up. Seen a Moze build that was using the Messy Breakup a while back and had maybe 20 drones out at the same time hunting down graveward lol

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Oh. It’s a fun and wild ride. My co-op partner is a Butt Stab Fl4k with a Jabber and it’s pure chaos. All the chaos keeps us both in Trick of The Light and Hidden Machine

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Everytime I find a workable build… I don’t have the damn gear lol

Play at m2 to get new stuff if m3 is rough. If m2 is rough, do m1. You’ll get the stuff.

I got lucky, I made friends with some people who Day One’d the game hardcore. They sent me a lot of overflow loot. But I’ve mostly moved on to finding my own things. It just requires working with what you’ve got to the best of your ability, and moving up when you can.

Athenas is a good place to do M3 runs for non-legendaries. There’s no anointed, so, it stays pretty calm, and you can almost always clear the entire map, and find at least one cool new thing

Sammantixbb has some good suggestions. I grabbed most of my stuff by farming Graveward in normal and progressed through the Mayhem difficulties just farming him for a day or so.

For the Rakk build you might be able to run a slight variation of it or another set up that is ballpark with what you have now. You have any decent grenades or launchers?

I have a hive and a couple of hex grenades. Plus, I still gotta get Fl4k to 50 anyway. I am really, really wanting to run an infinite ammo build on ANY VH with the cutpurse and Facepuncher but I can’t get a ■■■■■■■ cutpurse to drop to save my life.

You can do it on Moze without the cutpurse.

You going for the tediore variations where you’re throwing the guns? Or just infinite in general. Can finesse it with terror or Moze like BigTyme mentioned. The hive and a decent hex grenade should be able to run the Flak build pretty well. Would need deathless something though to get the damage reduction.

Probably Tediore. I can get good ammo regen on Moze but it is just magazine tregen which does stupid damage but eats through my stored ammo like crazy. I try keeping a COV pistol to regen ammo for my Tediore pistols but it is still a bit too slow for my liking. I have a couple of different deathless artifacts. Thanks for the info!

It just refills the mag, yeah? Didn’t think it refilled the stored ammunition unless ya pack a COV weapon of that type.

Yes but with the right guns you can hold down the trigger and never reload and never go into your stored ammunition.