Rakkman with A Few More Explosions - 1 Hp Rakk Attack Infinite Ammo & Grenade Build

Right… I’m doing the “Chuck the Tediore till they die” build and just wanna see what’s possible with the facepuncher/cutpurse combo. Even with just a Lucian’s call it can get pretty devastating but some of the Tediore’s just absolutely wreck when tossed with a full mag. I’m appreciating all the comments. :slight_smile:

I was talking more like a butcher or a few Maliwan guns. Things that pack more punch than a Lucian’s call, which doesn’t need the Regen anyway.

Vladoff … Use anything you can from skills to artifacts increase magazine size and you’ll find you have longer before needing a reload …

Take the perk to regen ammo on crits and you can pretty much get to a point you never need to reload